Tape for Muscle and Joint Recovery

Why would anyone use support tape for their muscles and joints? 

Well, muscles and joints are parts of the things that get affected when we get injured. Also, some people have diseases and conditions like arthritis that weaken their joints and muscles, making movement painful. These are some of the reasons why tapes are needed for support.

Different types of tape can be used to support the muscles and aid quick joint recovery. Topping this list of tapes is Kinesio and athletic tape.

Types of Tapes

Athletic tapes are pressure-sensitive tapes that are applied to the skin to provide support, stability, and relief. 

You may have seen them on the track, on the field, or in the gym. You may have also passed by people wearing them on the streets. They may be named athletic tapes because athletes mostly use them, but their use is not restricted. 

Anyone can have injuries that will require them to support their bones and stabilize their joints.

Athletic Functions

  • Prevents Injury: By providing support, athletic tapes help to prevent injuries. Athletic tapes can, in no way, prevent you from tripping, slipping, or falling, but they can reduce the impact felt from such a fall or slip. Stabilizing a joint and supporting its bones are good ways of preventing its fracture, dislocation, or fragmentation. Our Hampton Adams 3-pack of black non-elastic athletic tape is suitable for providing the needed support to your joints. 
  • Manages Injury: As you already know, athletic tapes can also be used to facilitate quick recovery by providing muscular support after the deed has been done. Most injuries, be it fractures, dislocations, or sprains, usually require you to restrict the movement of the affected area for a while. Some strips of athletic tape will be ideal for providing the much-needed support and also restricting movement as necessary. This will prevent further damage and speed up recovery. You can also use the athletic tape to hold wound dressings, like trauma pads, in place.
  • Manages Chronic Conditions: Several conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis can be managed with the proper application of athletic tape. These conditions usually cause weak joints and painful movements. Athletic tape will help take away some of the pain and discomfort that comes with these conditions. 

Kinesiology Functions

Kinesiology tapes, unlike athletic tapes, feel more like the skin’s texture, and they are always elastic. Elasticity and flexibility are defining features of kinesiology tapes. They can be used in place of athletic tapes, especially when movement is necessary.

  • Reduction of musculoskeletal pain: Kinesiology tapes can be used to relieve pain; it is one of their major functions. Those who have already been injured and require pain relief alongside muscular support will find it very useful. Kinesio tape relieves pain by reducing the localized pressure in the space between the skin and the vessels and muscles beneath it. It creates a little more space, which allows easy fluid passage, causes signal changes that relieve pain, and reduces irritation from skin friction on bone.
  • Injury Prevention and Cure: Kinesiology sports tapes can also be used in the management of injuries, both in their prevention and cure. In treating injuries, using Kinesio tape is often more effective when it is used alongside other forms of physical therapy; tape alone is incapable of healing an injury. Many injuries are accompanied by a lot of pain, inflammation, and swelling. Kinesio tape aids recovery by handling some of these symptoms. 

We already talked about how it takes care of pain; what about swelling? Swelling is the manifestation of a build-up of fluids, like blood or lymph, beneath the skin. The space k-tape creates helps the fluid to pass through easily. Kinesio tape can be used to prevent injury or further damage by serving as an anchor, supporting joints, and increasing your sense of proprioception.

Posture correction: This is also done through an increase in your sense of proprioception. The presence of something on your skin may remind you to stand properly or sit up straight. 

Hampton Adams Tapes Are Top Tier

The two basic types of athletic tape are elastic, otherwise called stretch tape, and non-elastic athletic tape. 

The elastic tape is made out of very stretchy material, which is not always suitable for providing support. It facilitates its adherence to irregular parts of the body, but its firmness may be lacking. This is because instead of staying, it may keep stretching. Therefore, it is often chosen when the range of motion seems to be the most important thing. 

Non-elastic athletic tape, like the Hampton Adams 3-pack of black athletic tape, is your best shot at support, pain relief, and anchorage. It is not elastic but applies just the right amount of stretch and compression. It may not be easy to fit into contours and curves, but it is your ideal choice when support is most important. Depending on the level of compression applied, the tape will also restrict movement as required.

It boasts impressive adhesion; also, no sticky residue will be left behind.

For the adhesive on our tape, a special formula is used. This has made it insanely sticky. It also does not leave behind any sticky residue, as most tapes do. It won’t damage or irritate your skin. 

A lot of people with sensitive skin avoid tapes for this reason but with us, they no longer have to worry. 

Comfortability is guaranteed with our athletic tape.

Our athletic tape is made from pure cotton and other hypoallergenic and medical-grade materials. Using pure cotton substrates instead of other blends has helped us to ensure maximum comfortability. It also contributes to its strength and durability. 

With the use of other hypoallergenic ingredients, reactions are reasonably reduced.

Hampton Adams athletic tape can be easily torn with your fingers both lengthwise and widthwise. A tape cutter is not required.


The process explained below works for both athletic tape and kinesiology tape.

  • Before you think about applying either of these tapes, you should, first of all, consult a professional. This will help you be certain about your condition and possibly get better alternatives. Your doctor may also prescribe other forms of treatment that you can use alongside the taping. In addition, you may have conditions that will prevent you from using tape. These are all things you won’t have to worry about after a visit to the doctor.
  • Remove all excess hair on your skin, the part where you will apply the tape. You can either shave or wax, after which you wash and clean the skin to remove any dirt and moisture. Alcoholic wipes can be used for this.
  • Cut the required length of tape and bend the joint as you apply the tape. This way, the tape will not fall off when you straighten the joint.
  • Smoothen the tape with your hands for better adhesion.

Still, Need Convincing?

When Kinesio tape was first developed, it was the dream tape. Today, however, companies like Hampton Adams have chosen to make it even better and better as time progresses. At the moment, how much have we improved on the tape? What does our Kinesio tape look and feel like?

Firstly, our Kinesio tape feels like a second skin, as it should. This way, restriction of movement is the last thing you have to worry about when it comes to us. It does not matter what you do; movement will always be a priority to you. However, for athletes, this is even more important.

If you are struggling with conditions that move an arduous task, our k-tape is the perfect thing to use as it will relieve your pain while increasing your range of motion.

Our tape also feels like comfort in a roll. Your comfort is probably high on your list of priorities; it is also number one on ours. To ensure that we give you the best, we make use of a hundred percent cotton substrate and other strong, synthetic, and hypoallergenic materials that make the tape feel like a second skin. In addition, it does not contain allergens like latex. With all these measures put into place, you can rest assured that our tape is soft, comfortable, and will not cause any reactions or irritations.

Hampton Adams 16ft kinesiology tape does not leave any sticky residue behind, damage your skin or pull excessively on it. Thanks to the special formula we have used in making our adhesive, you are guaranteed a painless application and removal.

Our tape is also water-resistant, strong, and durable and comes in various colors. It is also FDA-approved and has a money-back guarantee. You can purchase our tape on our page at Hampton Adams with an absolute peace of mind.

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