3 Top Blaque Diamond Wheels You Can Buy for Your Trucks This New Year!

Of all the significant brands that are operating in the aftermarket twilight zone, Blaque Diamond Wheels has certainly managed to retain its loyal clientele despite intense competition from new-fangled rivals and other brands trying to squeeze inside the already saturated sphere.

Often simply referred to as BD, they have managed to provide very good rims that are at once affordable, easy on the eyes, stylish, and sturdy. XD Wheels, one of their most fierce rivals, also makes very high-quality rims, but they are yet to catch up with Blaque Diamond.

The company was founded in 2009 and was initially promoted as a brand for off-road rims. It has since then diversified, following the roadmap that was first set by Method Wheels.

2009 was also the year Fuel made its debut, a wonderful coincidence. In the intervening decade-and-a-half, both these names have become familiar to those fond of styling their vehicles in ways as unique as they themselves are. That said, Fuel is still sticking to its off-roading roots and does not seem to have any plans of changing its tactics soon.

Some of the finest BD rims are recommended for SUVs and the ubiquitous pickup trucks. If you own one and would like to try out something a little fancier this New Year, perhaps the following will be of some help!

Blaque Diamond Wheels for SUVs

Here are the top rims from this new-age American icon that will suit any and every SUV currently in operation.

1. The BD-0801 Off-Road: You might have come across the BD-0801 a month or so ago when it was showcased adorning the latest Toyota Tundra. The Tundra, one of the most iconic trucks that has a history of excellent service, is perhaps only second to the F-150 when it comes to sales figures. As Toyota proclaims, it is engineered for perfection – and so are the rims that companies like Blaque Diamond have to offer.

The BD-0801 is a serious contender to the throne of being the best all-purpose rim guaranteed for fun and adventure in equal measures. At first glance, you will notice the old-school 6-spoke design that is at once catchy and rugged. But the company has managed to put its own stamp on the product, adding more muscle and heft to the rims.

The BD-0801 is a forged wonder and is light as a feather. It has a generous load rating that makes it ideal for a vehicle like the Tundra, given that it is a full-size pickup.

Compared to similar (or almost similar) XD Wheels, the rim excels in terms of customization options, finishes, and the general high quality that the company’s off-road and Classic series are known for.

BD has also seemingly got the price just perfect!

2. The BD-0102: Up next is a new and facelifted version of the classic 0102 from the company’s Classic range. There were rumors that Blaque Diamond Wheels would launch a completely revamped product instead of a more modern 0102, but those were later proven unfounded. 

When it comes to handsome and marvelously engineered rims meant for minivans and SUVs, the BD-0102 probably has an edge even over the likes of Method Wheels. Of course, it is a 7-spoked masterpiece that is flow-forged to perfection.

The new version also introduces several design changes to the rim’s classic façade, none of which is overdone. Blaque Diamond has realized that the 0102 sells purely on the merits it boasts and has its own fanbase. There is not too much room for tinkering.

A few months ago, the company showed off a spanking new Ford Bronco tearing through hostile terrain with these rims and Goodyear tires. It was a spectacular display of raw power and finesse.

Note that the BD-0102 comes in several sizes. For best results, it is always advisable to speak with your retailer. Or you can always get in touch with outlets like AudioCity USA, the California-based rim specialist which has been in continuous operation for over 33 years!

3. The BD-F20: We had first spotted the rims on a Corvette C8. Later, we contacted our sources and outfitted our not-too-new F-150 Raptor. The performance was as stunning as we had expected and perhaps surpassed it by a mile or so.

This is the latest addition to the flow-formed family of Blaque Diamond Wheels and is intended for better navigability and vastly superior handling on any given surface. It is clear that the company has some far-reaching plans for this particular model since it has only given us some sneak peeks at the F20.

All we know for certain is that it will be made more widely available come 2023. Most of the biggest dealers across these 50 States are unable to satisfy the surge in demand for the BD-F20 because there are options for custom bolt patterns and the offset.

While we loved the silver and glossy black finishes that are currently available, the best part about the BD-F20 is its low weight, chiseled and muscular finish, and the unique spoke design that actually looks like a turbine engine when in motion.

There are some new finishes that are en route, but it is better not to hold your breath! After all, BD is not known for abrupt decisions.

Summing up

You will get all 3 models at any reputed retailer across the country. For customized rims, the waiting period will obviously be longer. Let Blaque Diamond Wheels change your style come 2023!

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