Popiah In Singapore

Popiah In Singapore

Singapore Popiah is a popular dish made with a filling of prawns, jicama, carrots, eggs, and peanuts. Locals all around Singapore love this popular snack. 

Going back to the beginnings of Popiah, it is believed that Popiah, also known as Spring rolls, originated in China and has since spread throughout the world. The addition of fresh vegetables wrapped in a thin crepe most likely signaled the start of Spring and was part of the Spring festival.

According to legend, the Spring roll originated during the Tang Dynasty and has spread throughout SouthEast Asia. The essential characteristics of lumpia, which is popular in Indonesia and the Philippines, and ‘Popiah,’ which is popular in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, are the same. It is essentially a super fine rice or wheat crepe filled with various fresh julienned vegetables and finely added meat or shrimp.

The Popiah Skin

The Singapore Popiah is essentially cooked and staged as a street food, but assembled at the last minute to preserve the flavour of the ingredients. The popiah skin is the secret to a good popiah, and it will appear to be the most difficult part when you make your own popiah. The popiah skin must be translucent, as thin as paper, and not sticky. If you can eat the entire roll without the popiah skin breaking and the ingredients falling out, you’ve got a good handmade popiah skin.
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How To Make Your Own Popiah Skin

To make the popiah skin, you should mix flour, water and salt for about a good 10 minutes with a beater. It is advised to strain the mixture through a sieve to remove any lumps. Then place a non-stick pan on medium heat. To make sure that there aren’t any holes in the popiah skin, always remember to brush the skin with a pastry brush. After cooking for 2 minutes the popiah skin will be ready. Remove the wrapper from the pan from your fingers and place aside. 

How To Make The Popiah Filling

Next step is to make the popiah filling. For that, first you should heat the oil pan and add some chili garlic sauce and the prawns which were seasoned with salt and pepper and let them cook for 5 minutes. Add the jicama, radish and carrots next and fry them for 15 minutes until the wet texture reduces. Finally add the beansprouts, cucumber and the green onions into the pan and cook for 2 minutes. You should also add some oyster sauce, soy sauce and some salt and pepper too. After doing the cooking, set the pan aside and add some peanuts on top. You can also add a boiled egg as your preference. 

How To Assemble The Popiah

Next is the best part, which is assembling the popiah. Place the wrapper on a piece of paper and add some chili sauce. Then add some hoisin sauce. Add the filling into the centre of the pie and sprinkle with the crumbled eggs. Then fold the two edges together over the filing. Always make sure that the filling is packed well within the roll. Finally you can cut the popiah into pieces and enjoy. 

Best Handmade Popiah In Singapore From Ann Chin Popiah

Making your own popiah will be a stressful task if you have a hectic schedule. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Ann Chin Popiah has been the handmade Popiah skin specialist in Singapore since 1958, with over ten outlets across the island. Ann Chin offers popiah rolls for $1.60, as well as Kueh Pie Tee ($3 for 4 pieces), Yam Rolls ($1.60), Deep Fried Spring Rolls ($1.60), and Curry Spring Rolls ($1.60).

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