Procreate stamp brushes for download

Procreate is a powerful drawing app that is only available on iOS devices. Procreate has a wide variety of brushes, but it doesn’t have stamp brushes. However, you can download and install the procreate stamp brush set from our website. In this post we’ll tell you how to install the stamps in Procreate so that you can start creating beautiful designs today!

Procreate stamp brushes for download

Procreate Stamps is a set of brushes for Procreate, the popular iPad painting app.

It includes:

  • 15 different stamps (with more being added) for you to use in your drawings and paintings!

Stamps include everything from flowers, leaves and animals to icons like hearts or arrows. There are also some fun ones like an “invisible person” stamp that lets you draw people without actually drawing them! The possibilities are endless!

What to do if you cannot install the procreate stamp brush set

If you cannot install the Procreate stamp brush set, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The Procreate stamp brush set is not compatible with your device. It is only supported on iPad Pro and iPhone X or later models that run iOS 12 or later. To check if your device is supported by checking if it has an A9 chip inside (for example, iPhone 6s and 7 have this). If so, then you should be able to install this app with no problem!
  • Your operating system is not up-to-date enough in order for this application to work properly on it. If this happens then we recommend updating first before trying again; if after updating nothing changes then please contact us!

How to install procreate stamp set on ipad

To install the Procreate Stamps brush set on your iPad:

  • Go to the App Store and search for “Procreate Stamps.”
  • Download the app by tapping Get, then tap Install. When it’s done installing, go back into your library and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Procreate Brushes” from here you can download any additional brushes you want (there are tons).

How to add stamps to procreate

Now that you have the brushes downloaded and installed on your device, it’s time to use them. To do this, open up Procreate and go to the Home screen. In the bottom left-hand corner of your screen will be an icon labeled “Brushes.” Tap on this icon and then tap on “Stamp Brushes” in order to access all of your downloaded stamp brush sets.

Once inside of this menu, select a set from which you would like to choose one or more brushes from (you can always come back here later if needed). Once selected, choose whichever brush(es) look appealing by tapping them once–this will allow them appear as large thumbnails at top left corner of screen where they can be easily accessed later if needed! Now all we need is something onto which we can apply these stamps…

How to use the procreate stamp brush set

  • Open the Procreate app and select “Brushes” from the menu bar.
  • Select the “Stamp Brushes Set.”
  • Choose a brush from the list, then tap on your image to apply it. You can also swipe across an area of your canvas to apply multiple stamps at once!

You can create beautiful designs with the procreate stamp brush set.

Procreate stamp brushes are easy to use and free. You can use them to add texture to your designs, or create beautiful designs with the Procreate stamp brush set.


I hope you enjoyed this article, and if so please share it with your friends on social media. The procreate stamp brush set is a great way to add some variety to your designs, and it’s easy to use!

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