Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?  

Most of the men are known for believing that the size of their penile is too small. It is common to feel insecure about its size, but this insecurity makes them struggle with low self-esteem. Companies that manufacture penile enlargement pills learn the psychology of men to perpetuate or those insecurities with many of the men have due to their small size. To overcome this insecurity men, try to explore penile enlargement methods.

Most of the products sold in the market as penile enlargement supplements or pills just aren’t that effective, while some of such products might even jeopardize your health. Continue reading to gain more insights about these products that guarantee the growth of your penile and understand whether they are effective or not.

What Are Penis Enlargement Pills?

According to the manufacturers’ claims, Penile enlargement helping pills are products that can increase the size of the penile and boost their energy levels and improve sexual performance.

Various brands market these pills and supplements as male enhancement pills however, these are not completely safe, as they lack approval right from the Food and Drug Administration like known as (FDA). FDA-approved only erectile dysfunction components like sildenafil citrate brand Silvitra to overcome ed issues or impotence. Also, their health benefits as per the manufacturers’ claim are not even clinically proven.

Men that are unsatisfied with their natural penile size might consider buying these products without checking their credibility. Since these pills are not regulated by the FDA, there is a high chance that the ingredients listed on the packaging might be incorrect or sometimes hidden. Such counterfeit products containing undisclosed ingredients can cause more harm than benefit.

How Do Penile Enlargement kind of Pills Work?  

Mostly the ingredients listed on the packaging of such products are known to be a combination of some herbal and other compounds. The manufacturers state that the product has aphrodisiac properties however, there is a lack of research in this regard that can ensure the safety and reliability of some products.

Some researchers have concluded that some of such products are not only ineffective, but they can further have some potential damage of side effects on the health.

Do Penile Enlargement Pills Really Work?

Some of the marketing hype usually paints an optimistic picture in the minds of those men having insecurity because of the size of their penile. But once you get past that, you will see that as per most of the claims made by the manufacturers might have some or absolutely no evidence of enlarging the penile and improving sexual performance.

These products are unregulated, the sellers do not need to prove all those effectiveness with reference to the product or when it comes to justifying the complete list of ingredients on the packaging. This is why you need to consult some of the healthcare professional which shall be before considering such medicines. You must ask them for advice for fully knowing the potential benefits in case any of the risks might occur.

What Are Some Risks and Side Effects?

There is a possibility that the ingredients present in the pills can interact with several other medicines taken for managing health conditions. Some ingredients can produce extremely harmful effects post-interaction. Some of the ingredients mentioned are:

  • Yohimbe

Among all this ingredient shall alter some of the results out of monoamine oxidase which shall be the inhibitor that are known as an antidepressant.

  • Gingko Biloba Extract

Such component be right impactful about some of the effectiveness with reference to medication which might be well used for conditions related to the system of nerves, that includes, clozapine, alprazolam, and olanzapine. The ingredient may also interact with drugs such as ST. John’s wort, which is fluoxetine, while other component known as melatonin which shall lead to alterations in the mood.


Individuals diagnosed with certain heart issues or also those using blood pressure medicines might experience dangerous drops well in the blood pressure which can lead to side effects such as headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, and difficulty concentrating.

Talk To Your Doctor

It is necessary to talk to your doctor before using any penile enlargement pills for growing the size of your penile. Most of the products advertised and sold in the market which promises an enlarged penile are simply well inefficient and can cause detrimental effects on health. Do not fall prey to such counterfeit products that have more risks than advantages.

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