Deducing the different methods of pest control used for pest extermination

Whenever you notice a pest infestation in your home,  you immediately get a chill running down your spine wondering how you are going to fight against it. These pests are not only disgusting and creepy but they can also damage your clothing, furniture,  health, and your infrastructure. Thankfully,  we have several options to eliminate pests like rodents or other bugs through the help of professional pest control methods. 

You might have sought the help of Madison pest control services but do you know the types of pest control methods used by them for the extermination of pests? If you don’t,  keep reading the concerns of this post.

What is the meaning of natural pest control? 

There are a few categories of pest control methods like hygienic,  biological,  physical,  chemical,  heat treatment, and fogging. Each of these methods is appropriate for a particular type of pest infestation.

Hygienic pest control methods

The smartest way of maintaining a pest-free house is by keeping it clean. Pests are usually found in places with abundant food sources and in a safe environment. Here are a few methods of hygienic pest control. 

  • Clean surfaces after eating
  • Dispose of all food scraps,  peels, and crumbs inside the trash bin
  • Wash all used dishes and cutlery after eating
  • Keep tabletops worktops floors and cupboards clean
  • Store food in containers with a tight lid
  • Install fly screens on your windows 

Biological pest control methods

Biological pest control relies on the utilization of chemicals and pesticides. It is a process that takes advantage of the hierarchy with nature. Using natural predators has been a common pest control method for years now. This technique is mostly used by gardeners who are trying to control the population of pests through chemicals. 

Another famous natural pest control method is by using beneficial microorganisms on plants.  This method is also used by gardeners and unlike natural predators, leveraging microorganisms is a much more effective method.

Physical pest control methods

Physical pest control depends on the killing of pests,  trapping them, and removal of both rodent and insect pests. A few physical pest control methods include the elimination of breeding grounds, application of poison bait,  field burning, trap cropping,  and installation of traps.

If you think you are not able to exterminate pests with the natural remedies that you try at home,  it is best to get in touch with a professional pest control company that can provide you with the mixture of any of the above-listed methods to eliminate pests from your property.

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