Birth Certificate: why is it important? 

What does a birth certificate actually mean?

A state or province will issue a birth certificate as proof of a child’s birth. It is frequently given to infants who are too young to own identification cards or other similar documents. There are several situations where a birth certificate is necessary. It is widely employed to verify a child’s identification and offer proof of age for a variety of reasons, including school enrolment and voting. Additionally, it can be used to get a passport or a driver’s licence.

Why a birth certificate is beneficial

Upon birth, a person receives a birth certificate, a legal document provided by the government. A person’s citizenship and identity are established through this official certificate. The identification of a person in an emergency can also be done using a birth certificate. The importance and utility of birth certificates cannot be overstated.

A birth certificate is issued by whom?

The municipal government in question must receive notification of the birth in order to issue the certificate. The Delhi Cantonment Board, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation, or the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, for instance, would issue the birth certificate in Delhi. In metropolitan regions, the certificate is issued by the municipal corporation or municipal council. It is issued in rural regions by the Gram Panchayat Office or the Tehsildar.

How can I obtain a birth certificate?

Step 1: Either receive a birth certificate registration form from the registrar’s office or download it from the website

The medical official in charge will supply the form if the kid is born in a hospital.

Step 2: Complete the form within 21 days of the child’s birth.

Note: A kid must be born within 21 days of submitting an application for a birth certificate.

Step 3: The certificate is issued once the registrar confirms the birth records (date, time, place of birth, parental ID proof, nursing facility, etc.).

What justifies the need for a birth certificate?

For each and every Indian, a birth certificate is necessary. To demonstrate that a person is an Indian citizen, they need to present this certificate. Another tool for confirming someone’s identity is a birth certificate. Many advantages come with a birth certificate. It is possible to prove someone’s Indian citizenship using their birth certificate. Additional forms of identification include a birth certificate.

What supporting materials are needed for a birth certificate?

  • Birth certificates for the parents, 
  • marriage certificate for the parents, 
  • letters from hospitals or nursing homes attesting to the births,
  •  Documents proving the parents’ identification.

Where must I present my birth certificate?

A birth certificate is necessary to prove an individual’s age, apply for social security benefits, get a passport, and get other documents such a marriage licence, driving licence, or passport.

A birth certificate is also required for employment with the government and entrance to educational institutions.

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