Wildcard is inexpensive for an unlimited number of subdomains and servers.

Our inexpensive Wildcard certificates may protect your fully qualified domain name and sub-domains, saving you the trouble of handling several certificates. This service provides unlimited server licenses to facilitate using a single wildcard certificate across several servers.

Why wildcard SSL certificates are useful

Administration in one place, you can use one instead to save the hassle of managing several SSL certificates.

Lessen the cost of management

Account teams handle purchases and dedicate extra time and effort to transactions involving numerous items. Expert network administrators may need at least 20 minutes for each SSL stage. It would take him about 200 minutes to install SSL on ten sub-domains.

Simplify SSL Renewal

All sub-domains can be kept secure with the renewal of a single wildcard SSL, which is easier to administer and costs less money.

What’s a Wildcard Certificate?

First, let’s talk about what it means. A wildcard or multi-domain certificate is a public key certificate that you can use for more than one sub domain. The most apparent advantage of wildcard certificates is that I need to manage a single digital certificate to secure and validate all my publicly accessible subdomains.

A Wildcard SSL Certificate: Why Do I Need One?

Wildcard certificates are usually a good choice for organizations that want to save money and have sub-domains. The usefulness of a Wildcard is apparent here:

  • It costs much less than encrypting each sub-domain separately.
  • One certificate is much easier to keep track of than many.
  • As a result, expanding while maintaining safe connections is simple

Wildcards are unique products that you can use in so many different ways. Don’t use a wildcard certificate for high-security environments that are separate. The encryption level of a Wildcard SSL certificate is the same as any other SSL certificate.


That works wonder full if you have your domain and use subdomains to host your many online presences.

Second, this is granted in minutes (no bureaucracy) but provides a bit more client security. You should use it if your online store processes modest to medium numbers of purchases every day.

Third, suppose you have a sizable e-commerce, nonprofit, that processes many sales transactions or private data. In that case, you should invest in a Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate.

You can cut costs with the use of a Wild Card Certificate.

The low cost of a Wildcard Certificate makes it a worthwhile investment regardless of the number of subdomains you plan to use soon. You can save time and money when everything is encrypted with the same system.


Wildcard SSL certificates are inexpensive, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security. The upside is less time spent on administrative tasks and more on developing your internet business. You will get the following:

Easy reassurances give your site’s guests the peace of mind they deserve by choosing from our several levels of protection.

Easy deployment eliminating the need to set up numerous SSLs will save you time and money in IT administration. It’s easy to keep your sites safe.

Simple renewals You don’t have to worry about managing different subdomains or remembering their other renewal dates.

Our lowest Wildcard SSL package still comes with our guarantee of top-notch service and expert assistance for your business.

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