Why Social Media Use After a Motorcycle Accident Is a Problem 

Motorcycle incidents are an important matter that often requires legal assistance. There are many things that people must do following an accident, but posting on social media is not one of them. Those involved in an accident may fall into the trap of posting too much and thus hurting their case. Read more to learn about the connection between motorcycle accidents and social media. 

Photographic proof 

Motorcycle accidents are terrifying and can occur in the blink of an eye. If you were caught off guard by a motorcycle accident, you might have snapped photos to document the damage and the site of the accident. Keeping these images to yourself and your legal team rather than posting them on social media is preferable. If someone discovers digital evidence of what caused the accident or what transpired later, it could compromise your case. 

Note that images can always be used in accident cases, and even if you believe something is exchanged privately, you never know who else is spreading that information. If you find it difficult to keep your condition from being shared with family and friends, it may be wise to deactivate your accounts on social media for the time being. 

Revealing details 

You might be tempted to post about a motorcycle accident on social media right after it happens. This is not a smart idea since you may unintentionally expose information about the case that could be used against you, particularly if you believe you were negligent or in the wrong before the crash. Too many people have had legal troubles due to social media posts, and it is simply not worth it. 

Try and keep the details to yourself as much as possible. The less proof there is for the opposing party, the more your case strengthens. Even providing a recovery update or informing friends that you are doing fine after the accident can jeopardize the legitimacy of your lawsuit. If at all possible, avoid discussing the accident or any connected injuries. 

Social media access 

As a motorcycle rider, you should know that defense attorneys and insurance companies may want access to your social media profiles. They have access to public posts, messages, images, and videos. Even if you do not believe something benefits the other party, you never know how their legal staff will spin it. The less knowledge there is circulating, the better. 

Do not post on social media if you have been in a motorcycle accident. First, consult an experienced lawyer about motorcycle accident law and the best approach to proceed with your case. 

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