What search engine to choose, what is better

There are several most popular search engines besides Google and Bing, which are useful and convenient to use too. They are quite common and serve millions of search queries a day too, so they are worth your attention.

The best search engines

By the way, you can download baidu root apk to get such convenient search engines. The fact is that Google is not the only search engine that is available online. In general, not every user knows about this. We want to tell you about several similar search engines that are very convenient and beautiful too and may well replace Google in the event that they have a large number of users. In this article, you will see a description of several search engines in 2022, among which, however, will be Google.

The best search engines in 2022

  • Google. Perhaps we should not even introduce you to this search engine since there is no smartphone user or PC that would not be looking for useful information in Google. The rating of its popularity is 88.28%. Here, you can see brief statistics from Statista and Statcounter: Google dominates the market in all countries on any device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, there is a simple explanation of why Google is the most popular search engine. First, it is a high level of reliability and security of search results and queries. Google uses sophisticated algorithms so that users can get the most useful results from their queries. Larry Page and Sergey Brin (creators of Google) are confident that some websites have materials that make them very useful and high-quality, so that the search page should lead the user to the most suitable list of sites. In any case, Google is still the most reliable way to find what users are looking for online.
  • Microsoft Bing. Perhaps it is the second most popular search engine after Google. As for the popularity rating, it ranges from 2.83% to 12.31%, unlike the previous browser. Bing is a great attempt that Microsoft has made to challenge Google in the issues of searching. Unfortunately, this search engine never became popular because it does not guarantee the same high reliability as Google. The share of search engines in the market has become quite small lately, despite the fact that Bing is the default search engine on Windows PC. Bing is a follower of search engines such as Microsoft (MSN Search, Windows Live Search, Live Search). Wikipedia reports that Bing is the 26th most visited web page on the Internet.
  • Yahoo is one of the most popular search engines that has emerged as an email provider. It has smart search algorithms and ranks third on this list because its popularity is no higher than 1%. Yahoo functioned exclusively on the Bing platform between October 2011 and October 2015. Yahoo agreed with Google to provide searching services. Yahoo’s results were both Google and Bing. In the future, this again became the prerogative of Bing. It is worth noting that all Firefox browsers have Yahoo as the default search engine.
  • Baidu is a search engine from China that has popularity from 0.68% to 11.26% according to ratings. Baidu was founded in 2000 and is the most popular search engine in its region. Wikipedia reports that Baidu serves billions of search queries daily.
  • So, there are several search engines that do not have as much popularity and fame as Google, but they accept millions of search queries every day. These are alternative search engines such as Yahoo and Microsoft Bing, which are also convenient but slightly less reliable in use. However, we recommend you use them so you surely can find out if one of them is your best option.

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