Top Ten Bangladeshi Cricketers: Most Wickets In International Test Matches

Test cricket has become a more important part of international cricket in the past few years. In recent years, it has been very hard for any team to beat Bangladesh at home in a test series. This is one of the reasons why Bangladesh has become one of the best test-playing countries. Bangladeshi bowlers have done well for their country in international test cricket. They have taken a lot of wickets and done well overall. During a test match, taking wickets is one of the most important parts of the game. This article focuses on the Bangladeshi bowlers who have taken the most wickets in the history of test cricket and includes their statistics covered in cricket match latest news

  1. Shakib Al Hasan (224)

The renowned Bangladeshi bowler Shakib Al Hasan is the test cricket player who holds the record for the most wickets taken in the history of the game. Since 2007, he has been representing Bangladesh in cricket matches of the Test format against a variety of countries. In all, Shakib has participated in 61 international test matches while playing for Bangladesh. He has played for Bangladesh in 224 international test matches and has taken 224 wickets. The average number of runs it took to take a wicket was 31.03, and he maintained a phenomenal economy rate of just 31.94 runs per over.

  1. Taijul Islam (158)

At this point in time, Taijul Islam is Bangladesh’s next successful bowler after Shakib when it comes to international test cricket. Since making his international debut in 2014, he has participated in a total of 38 international test cricket for their national side in the format of cricket known as the test match. Throughout the duration of these games, he has taken 158 wickets while maintaining an economy rate of 3.04 and a score of 33.08 on average. Over the last several years, he has established himself as one of the most accomplished bowlers in Bangladesh’s test cricket team.

  1. Mehidy Hasan (128)

He is the next Bangladeshi bowler on the list of players who have the most wickets in test matches that have been played outside of Bangladesh. In 2016, he was a member of Bangladesh’s cricket team that competed in its maiden test match. He is still a part of the Bangladesh national team that competes internationally. Mehidy has played in 33 international test matches for Bangladesh up to this point. During those games, he has gotten rid of 128 batsmen while giving up 3.14 runs per over.

  1. Mohammad Rafique (100)

His totals take into account not just his performance in domestic test cricket but also his performance in international competition. The year 2000 marked his debut in a test match for his nation, and he continued to represent his country in cricket competitions right up to the year 2008. During these years, he played for Bangladesh in 33 international test matches, where he took 200 wickets with an average score of 40.76 and an economy of 2.79, which is very good.

  1. Mashrafe Mortaza (78)

Mashrafe Mortaza has gotten Bangladesh’s fifth-most wickets in the history of international test cricket. He played in 36 international test matches for Bangladesh between 2001 and 2009. Mortaza has played in these international games for Bangladesh. Over the course of these games, he has taken 78 wickets and kept an economy of 3.24 and an average of 41.52. During his time on the team, he was one of the bowlers who helped Bangladesh the most.

  1. Shahadat Hossain (72)

Shahadat is the current leader in terms of the number of wickets taken for bangladesh in international test cricket. In 2005, he played in his first international test match, and he stayed in the sport until 2015. During this time, he played for Bangladesh in a total of 38 international test matches. Of the 72 times he tried to catch wickets, 72 of them were successful. Hossain was able to get wickets, with an average of 51.81 runs per wicket and an economy of 4.16.

  1. Enamul Haque Jnr (44)

Enamul Haque Jr. now has the seventh most wickets in the history of international test cricket for Bangladesh. Between 2003 and 2013, he played in 15 international test matches for Bangladesh. In those 15 games, he took 44 wickets. He has 44 wickets and an economy rate of 3.01, which means that on average, 40.61 runs are scored per over. Even though he only played in a few test matches for Bangladesh, he was able to make a big difference in the ones he did.

  1. Mahmudullah (43)

Mahmudullah is now one of the most significant players in the sport of cricket for Bangladesh. The next bowler on the list of Bangladesh’s top 10 greatest wicket-takers in international test cricket, he is next on the list of best wicket-takers for Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi bowler Mahmudullah holds the distinction of having taken the most wickets in his career. 2009 was the year that he participated for Bangladesh in his first-ever international cricket match. Since then, he has participated in a total of fifty tests for Bangladesh at the international level. In the course of these international test matches, Mahmudullah has collected 43 wickets. He has maintained an economy rate of 3.43 and a total score of 45.53 throughout the game.

  1. Sohag Gazi (38)

Between the years 2012 and 2014, he was the only individual to represent Bangladesh in any international cricket test matches. Even though he only participated in 10 matches for Bangladesh in international test cricket over these three years, he was still able to capture 38 wickets and maintain an economy rate of 3.04 runs per over. His percentage of successful throws was 42.07, and his overall score was also 42.07 points.

  1. TapashBaisya (36)

TapashBaisya is the last player from Bangladesh to hold the record for the most wickets in international test cricket. He played in his first international cricket test in 2002. He continued to play in international cricket tests until 2005. During his career, he only played in 21 international test matches, but he was able to take 36 wickets and keep his economy at 3.80 runs per over. His career was cut short, but even though it was short, it was very successful.

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