Top Reasons Why You Need VPN In The First Place

Have you ever heard of the term “VPN” before? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a specialized, more-secret network you can use anytime to protect yourself from the harm of cyberattacks.

Yes, cyberattacks have been a concerning issue that seems to be unresolvable. People do afraid of it but can’t do anything to completely wipe them. All we can do is protect ourselves against harmful risks. With enough protection, you and your device can be a lot safer from anyone with bad intentions.

When talking about VPNs, surely everyone has their own favorite choices. Some have X, while others have Y. The VPN is great and has nice features, and it can be your great choice of additional protection. But although VPN services have different features, they all work the same way.

Let’s talk about it.

Understanding the VPN

VPN works in a very simple way. It will mask your actual IP and use an alternate address which is always used when you turn the service on. That way, no one can get into your actual location; thus, it can be a safer option if you tend to browse or go online a lot. 

Since cybersecurity risks are always overwhelming, it’s always better to keep yourself safe first before doing anything else. It’s definitely important to use a VPN, especially if you usually use public Wi-fi, which is known to be risky and vulnerable to getting hacked.

Another great thing about VPN is the fact that it has a wide range of servers spread all around the world. The location where you live doesn’t matter. If you want to connect to another location, like India, for example, feel free to use India VPN. It is that easy.

Reasons Why Do You Need a VPN?

For those of you who are still hesitant about the use of VPN, here are some notable benefits you may gain:

1. Guaranteed Security

As mentioned above, installing VPN can grant you an additional layer of protection when you’re using a public connection. It’s always better to safe than sorry. Using VPN will mask your personal information, so anyone will not know about who you are, what kind of device you’re using, etc.

Public wi-fi connection is always known to be vulnerable. Hackers can easily put themselves into the system and mask the actual wi-fi login page with their own fake website. The unfortunate who didn’t do anything about it will take the fake website as the actual one and input the details, including their emails and password. And just like that, the hackers will obtain all their credentials, anything that’s connected to that email, like bank accounts, social media accounts, and many others.

2. Gain More Data Privacy

By installing a VPN, you’ll be granted additional data privacy. Remember, your personal data is more important than anything else. So, keep yourself private, and install a VPN service if necessary. You can install a VPN on basically any device, including smartphones and Windows, and you can even get a VPN for Mac! Just make sure to pick only reputable services. 


VPN can make you safer on the internet.You see, people may use different kinds of VPNs, for example, the iTop VPN.  For the people who always connect to the internet, whether for work or gaming, a safer connection is definitely necessary to make their data secure and private.


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