Top 10 best tv brands in India

CRT televisions are being replaced by smart LED televisions that are HD-ready in the market. We can notice the change that was brought about by TVs adding new features. Even the television has also become smart today. A smart TV with integrated features and technologies is something that people increasingly want to buy. So, if you’re considering purchasing a new smart TV for your home, we can help you! In this article, we studied and listed the most popular television-selling companies, along with a selection of the greatest TVs on the market. Let’s check out.

Best TV Brands in India

The best smart TV brands and the bestselling products they currently have on the market are listed below.

1. Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean company that has previously held the Indian market. For a very long time, it has delivered great products to Indian consumers.   Samsung’s UHD 4K TV is one example of a Samsung smart TV  with a stylish design and a display size of up to 75 inches. The 75-inch screen, svelte design, and UHD 4K resolution provide clients with the greatest experience.

2. Realme

During the launch of the Realme GT Neo 3 and the Realme Pad Mini, Realme today introduced their most recent Smart TV X Full HD line of smart TVs in India. The 32-inch models of the Smart TV Full HD series were replaced by the new line of smart TVs. The Realme Smart TV 4K has a tuner, LAN port, optical audio output port, 3 HDMI connectors, 2 USB-A ports, AV ports, and more. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other communication options are also included with the smart TV, as also a 24W speaker setup.

3. Panasonic

Indian company Panasonic was established in the 1950s. Panasonic used to be well-known for its CRT TVs. Its sleek, innovative, and clean design with full HD or 4K quality has made it one of India’s most desirable TV brands. In addition to reintroducing the Sanyo television brand in India, Panasonic also launched its line of Smart TVs on Amazon and LED televisions on Flipkart to buy TV online.

4. Philips

One of the biggest manufacturers of electronics worldwide is Philips. It is a Dutch multinational corporation with its headquarters in Amsterdam. It has some of the highest quality LED and Smart TVs, which are very popular among Indian customers. Their vast choice of sizes, 4k displays, and modern designs increase the beauty of every smart house.  Ambilight, Ultra HD, LED, OLED, and many other types of television are manufactured by Philips.

5. Sony

The Sony Corporation is the world’s fifth largest television maker, and the company includes Sony Mobile, Sony Music, and Sony Pictures. All flat displays, whether they were LED, OLED, 4K, Full HD, or HDR, had been made with a tasteful and straightforward design.

6. LG

LG Electronics has begun selling TV in India and is currently the world’s second-largest manufacturer of LCD televisions. Every day, customers are attracted to its sleek, innovative, and clean design, as well as its full HD or 4K resolution. Additionally, the LG smart TV gives you endless enjoyment thanks to its LG WebOS user-friendly interface and variety of content apps.

7. Micromax

Micromax now competes with Chinese mobile phone giants and has expanded into the tablet, PC, and LED television sectors. In India, Micromax has established itself as one of the leading TV brands. There are Micromax TVs in 4K, LED, and OLED. These TV sets have screens that range in size from 24 to 104 inches, measured in inches.

8. Haier

A Chinese firm, Haier. This company has been producing televisions for a long time, focusing on electrical goods. With a long list of features like Volume leveler, HDMI port, USB easy connection, and Full HD programming, Haier LED TVs in India made the claim that they would improve your watching experience.

9. Toshiba

The company is renowned for its cutting-edge selection of smart TVs with modern designs that come in a variety of price points. You will be pleasantly surprised by Toshiba’s broad selection of televisions, which includes LED, LCD, 3D, Ultra HD, OLED, and more. Their most recent 4K TV, which is powered by VIDAA, offers you one of the best TV viewing experiences at home with a variety of features.

10. One Plus

Although One Plus isn’t particularly affordable, you’ll be impressed by their selection of televisions. Their brand-new One plus U series 4K is the most popular in India. With the greatest SPDIF output, amazing navigation, HDR compatibility, and a fantastic display.


In the Indian market, both domestic and international tv manufacturing companies are flooding and there’s a huge variety of the best TV brands in India and top-rated models to choose from. We hope this list of top tv brands in India helps you to choose the brand smart TV  that is ideal for you.

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