The Technology Behind Your Favorite Online Games

Lots of us enjoy online gaming, more so than at any other point in history. A whopping 74% of US households, that’s nearly three-quarters, have at least one person in them who plays video games. That’s a huge number of people and it’s for this reason that game developers spend a great deal of money on creating superior gaming experiences. In order to keep their customers amused, developers need to find novel ways for people to game. The most lucrative way of doing this is by introducing new technologies that allow people to game in an improved way. We’re going to look at some of the technology that is used to make your favorite online games possible.

Random Number Generators

Playing roulette online is a pastime for many, but few have stopped to think about how the mechanics of the game work. Whilst in a physical casino, the game works by the croupier spinning the wheel and eventually the wheel clicking to a stop, online, there’s no croupier to spin the wheel, it’s all done by machine. 

A random number generator is what determines where the roulette wheel stops. In order to make things completely fair for both players and the casino, the game has to undergo stringent testing to ensure that it is operating truly randomly. Random number generators work by utilizing a complex equation through which a seed number is run. The seed number can be generated by the milliseconds between loading the game and clicking the start button, or between the fractions of a millimeter that the mouse moves. The numbers are so large and the equation so complex that the result is always a random spin, ensuring a totally fair experience for everyone. 

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Although we have all heard of servers, there aren’t actually too many people who truly understand what they are. We might absent-mindedly do a Google search to find out the PUBG server locations, or see if Twitter’s server is down, but could we honestly explain what those servers actually are? Broadly speaking, a server is a piece of hardware or software that enables its clients to function. In the instance of gaming, most servers work on a client-server model, where one server will offer a service (in this case gaming) to multiple clients. In order to avoid a server becoming overloaded with too many clients, gaming services will often build, or rent, multiple servers in strategic locations, which is why that PubG server location search is so important to know about!

As game servers need to collect, store, and distribute a lot of information from potentially tens of thousands of players, it can be exceptionally expensive to build and maintain. Despite having graphics capabilities removed and a very simple operating system, there’s still a whole lot of data to be processed. This can lead to gaming companies opting to switch to a cloud gaming model. Cloud gaming services run a huge number of servers and rent out that space to gaming companies. This means that the gaming companies can focus on actually making the game and can allow the cloud computing company to ensure that its servers are working efficiently.

Augmented Reality

One of the biggest games to be released in recent years for mobile was Pokémon Go. This game sends you out into the wilderness, or in fact, your local area and helps you to search for Pokémon. Once you find the Pokémon you can catch them and collect the whole set, or train them to become the strongest Pokémon master around. This game implements augmented reality in a simple but incredibly effective way. It will superimpose an image of the Pokémon that you’re trying to catch onto the image that your smartphone’s camera is capturing. This makes it appear as though the Pokémon actually exists in the world. Augmented reality is taking off quite slowly, as it’s much more difficult to implement than its straightforward counterpart virtual reality. Although there are few games that feature augmented reality as of yet, it’s certainly a tech trend that you can expect to see more of

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