The Importance of Organic Growth for Facebook Page Likes: A Comprehensive Guide

Facebook is a social media platform that is being used for making connections. People can create meaningful relationships whether it be personal or professional using Facebook quite easily. You can promote and sell your products and services on Facebook by creating a Facebook page.

One of the most important aspects of the growth of your Facebook page is the number of likes you are receiving on the page and the posts. There are multiple ways to increase the number of likes. You can opt for both paid and unpaid ways to hike your likes. In this article, we will be focussing on the unpaid option i.e., organic growth. We will be discussing the importance of Organic Facebook page likes growth and also share some tips to increase it.

What is Organic Growth?

Organic growth or organic reach is calculated by the number of people who have seen a particular post that has not been promoted using paid methods. Your posts may show in someone’s news feed or they might come across it if one of their Facebook friends has engaged with your post. Hence the use of free tools and services to promote your page is termed organic growth.

If you have paid for a post to be promoted, the number of views it receives is termed paid reach. Nowadays, with the advent of paid ads, there has been a decline in creators’ interest in organic growth. The reason is that the number of contents has increased exponentially and hence there is not enough space on the news feed to show every post. Also, Facebook is promoting personalized feeds. Hence, a user only receives those posts on their newsfeeds that match their interests.

Role of Organic Growth for Gaining Likes on Your Facebook Page

Even though organic growth is on a decline, it is still important to the overall success of your Facebook page. Mentioned below are some arguments in favor of organic growth.

  1. It’s free

Organic reach is totally free. You can save money on ads while you are starting your venture and instead use your time to create relatable content so that you get more page likes. Remember, no matter how much you are spending on your promotions it will lead to success if your content is not up to the mark.

  1. Validity boost

You have used paid advertising for your page. But what happens when someone clicks on that ad and visits your page? If you have not created a suitable organic growth strategy as a backup for your page, your money is going to waste. Organic growth ensures followers the validity of your page. It also promotes positive word-of-mouth and hence increases the number of likes.

  1. Interaction is the key

Once you post organic content, you are providing a window for your followers to get engaged with the post. You can make use of quizzes, polls, or even live videos to interact with your followers. This in turn allows you to understand the likes and dislikes of your followers.

Tips to Boost Organic Growth for Your Facebook Page

  1. Keep experimenting with your posts

Try using variety in your posts. If you are simply using images, try posting with videos. You can also use new post formats like 360 videos or Facebook stories. These new formats are in trend and are preferred by Facebook algorithms. Hence your posts may get more reach and hence more likes.

  1. Use the Facebook Live feature

Give the live video feature a try on your page. In this feature, your followers interact with you in real time and hence they develop a connection with your page. This also enables the audiences to start conversations with each other as well which might help you to get a grasp of their preferences.

  1. Know the best time to post

Knowing when to post is equally important to what you post. If you share your content in the wee hours, there are chances that the post might get missed by your audience. Also, if you are posting during peak hours your post might get pushed down in the competition. The best solution is to post just before peak hours. This will increase your posts’ chance to be the first to be viewed by your followers.

  1. Deciding the frequency of posting

Once you have decided on the time of posting, decide on the number of posts you have to share. Use a hit-and-trial method. If your followers are engaging with all 3 posts that you share during the day, you can try posting one more piece of content. If that post does not receive as many likes, try reducing the number of posts. Once you reach a successful number, keep posting that much content every day.

  1. Engagement matters a lot

More engagement and reach are co-dependent. If followers are more engaged with your posts, they will share them more and hence it will increase your organic reach. Appeal to your followers’ emotions, this in turn will increase the number of likes. Do not beg for likes, instead inspire them to like your posts.

  1. Get verified

Getting a blue badge on your page makes your page seem authentic and verified. This enables your page to stand out from the competition. Your page will rank higher in searches. Also, your organic reach will increase by getting verified.

To conclude, organic growth is as important nowadays as it was important in the past. Sure, its popularity is on the decline but it is still the best cost-effective way to gain more likes on your Facebook page if you are ready to work a little harder. You can also use an organic growth strategy along with paid ads to create a successful business venture. You can also use BuyQualityLikes to gain more likes for your Facebook business page. This is a quality tool to utilize for the growth of your Facebook page.

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