The forbidden Argentinian derby

Argentina has one of the most exciting domestic football leagues in the world. Don’t forget to bet online now – is available with all matches played in that part of the world. There are plenty of derbies played in the nation, including Boca Juniors against River Plate, which arguably is one of the most electrifying derbies in the world.

Despite the violent episodes between Boca and River’s fans, the matches always go ahead. Nobody questions if matches between those teams should take place at all. By the way, you can visit 1xBet to bet online now on those two teams whenever they play.

However, as it will be discussed, there is another derby that has been explicitly forbidden by the Argentinian football authorities.

Lower divisions

The teams who can’t play against each other are Aldosivi and Alvarado. Normally those two teams are not even in the first division of Argentinian football. The website also features wagering opportunities on those two squads.

This derby is relatively recent. Both squads faced each other for the first time in 1989. However, the contest couldn’t even be finished, because fans between both squads immediately started to fight each other. What happened after that match can be summarized as follows:

  • 23 other matches between those teams were played, and only a few of them could be finished;
  • both squads were expelled from the regional league in which they played during the 1990s;
  • the last time these teams faced each other was on the 10th of August 1997.

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Not even friendlies

Since that last match that took place in 1997, the Argentinian football authorities were clear. It was completely forbidden that both teams could play against each other in tournaments like the Copa Argentina. Normally, Aldosivi tends to be a few divisions higher than Alvarado. However, this competition has teams of different divisions, and for this reason, it deliberately avoids matches between those squads. Before these teams eventually play against each other again, don’t forget to try the live casino from 1xBet bookmaker, which has hundreds of different games.

In fact, it is even forbidden that both teams face each other in friendly matches, due to the incidents that most likely will occur. However, there is a pretty obvious situation that hasn’t been discussed yet. What will happen if eventually both teams end up in the same division? Will their matches be forbidden as well? Only time will tell. The live casino from the 1xBet bookmaker has great games that can be used while waiting for the games of Aldosivi and Alvarado.

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