The Basic Rules For Styling A Modern Mullet

Rules For Styling Mullet Haircut

Mullet haircut is a style that slowly becoming a trend. It is classy and stylish and can be worn by all people. The hairstyle is associated with others, such as the wolf cut, and works well with all sorts of hair textures. You can also have it done on any hair length.

This type of hairstyle can be customized to other forms of haircuts if it reaches a point where you feel like it is no longer working for you. The haircut can be customized to come up with the head shape you desire, the texture, and also the volume. Learn different rules to use when styling a mullet hairstyle.

  • Dry Out Your Hair

The hairstyle works best when put in multiple layers; it is, therefore, best to ensure you completely dry the hair. You can choose to air dry the hair or blow dry it based on your preference.

If your hair is curly naturally, you should consider using a diffuser. To do so, you need to put your hair in the curl you want to live it when the hair is still wet. When drying it, ensure you don’t fuss and touch the hair too much to ensure you leave the curls intact when the mullet dries.

  • Set the Fringe

The most important aspect of the mullet haircut is arranging the short pieces that make the bangs of the hairstyle. Ensure you work on the hair leaning towards the face to attain the shape you like. The bang piece of the hairstyle needs to be perfect to meet your needs and requirements.

You can use a hair product to twist out the hair at the front part, and the pieces falling on the face should be long enough to be curled using a finger.

  • Amp Up the Texture

As long as you have worked on your fringe to perfection, doing the rest of the style is easy. The difference in the hair lengths makes the rest of the work in styling so much easier. The hairstyle looks better when it is supplemented with some extra texture.

If your hair is not voluminous enough, you can try adding some hair products that will make it more voluminous. Ensure all the hair stays in place for the perfect look.

  • Ensure You Seal the Hair Into Place

For the perfect look, you need to ensure all the hair stays in place and in the shape where it is exactly supposed to be. You can use a spray to hold all the hair in place and also add a bit of volume to the hair.

  • Regularly Trim the Hair

If the mullet is not trimmed often, it ends up growing into long hair. You need to maintain the length where it is supposed to be because that is the whole point of the haircut. Unless you are looking forward to having the hair long, you will need to cut it often.

When doing the trims, ensure you keep the layers of hair featured where the hair at the crown of the head should be more shot than that at the back. The layers should also blend in perfectly to maintain the shag.

  • Regular Cleaning

Just like any other hairstyle, you will need to wash your hair as part of your personal hygiene and to also keep it healthy. Ensure you wash your hair as regularly as possible and use the right hair products to avoid allergic reactions, especially if your skin is very sensitive.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining the hairstyle is pretty easy as long as you regularly trim it. You can choose to wear your hair neat or messy, depending on your mood. 

The hairstyle is best suitable for casual events in most cases. However, based on the location of your formal job, it may be acceptable for formal occasions. You can always grow your hair or have fun exploring the different types of mullet haircuts if you love this specific hairstyle. Based on your personality and preference, a special hairstyle design is always suitable for you.

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