918Kiss is one of the most famous and popular web casino platforms and it is a well-known casino platform for the players of Malaysia, Singapore and surrounding places. There are various reasons why the 918Kiss got so famous starting from the easy interface, and variety of games, to the excellent customer support.

But all, one of the major reasons why 918Kiss got so popular is the 918Kiss APK. It is an application that can be installed on the phone either Android or iOS. It will allow the players to play the games from wherever it is possible.

How 918Kiss APK benefit the players?

The 918Kiss APK comes with a lot of features, and also it includes a lot of chances to win real money. 918Kiss APK is also known as SCR888 or Kiss918, and it is the new mobile slot game. Even though the 918Kiss app version is new to the market, still because of its simplicity and convenience, it reached a large number of audiences. Another best part of 918Kiss is that the app version is available both in Android and iOS.

It requires only simple and easy steps to download the app version of 918Kiss on your mobile devices, and easily join with the winners on the online casino platform. So, let’s know how to download the app version of 918Kiss on your mobile devices.

How to download the 918Kiss APK?

The process of downloading and installing the 918Kiss APK is easy and simple, and depending on the device either Android or iOS, the installation process may vary. But the functionality of the app will be the same.

For Android:

  1. Before you start installing the app, you need to go to Settings and find the “settings and privacy” option. If the version of your Android device is earlier than 8.0 then the “settings and privacy” option have been replaced by “Settings” and also “install apps from an external source” have been replaced by “unknown sources”
  2.  You need to click “Allow” so that the APK file can be installed on your mobile phone
  3. Open any browser app and you need to enter in the search box. This link will take to you the trusted website and click “download now” for your Android version
  4. After successfully downloading the app, you need to click “install” so that the file will get installed on your device
  5. After the installation, you can directly get into the app and start playing the game, even you can start winning the game.

For iOS:

  1. Open any browser app (Google chrome, Opera mini browser, or Phoenix browser) and you need to enter in the search box
  2. This link will take to you the trusted website and click “download now” for your iOS version. Even depending on the version, you can click on the download options available for “Download iOS 64 Bit” or “Download iOS 32 Bit”
  3. The time for the completion of the download depends on the strength of your internet connection, and once the download got completed you need to click “install”
  4. Once the installation is completed, you need to open the APK file, and it will show the pop-up message that reads “Untrusted ent”. This is a kind of error message as the site is not familiar to the iOS device, and this shows that you have downloaded the safest APK file
  5. After this, open the settings and click “General” from it
  6. Under general » Device management » All continental trading Sdn. Bhd and then click “Trust all continental trading Sdn. Bhd”
  7. Now you can start enjoying the app by playing different types of games available in the app version

Playing guide of 918Kiss APK after download and installation:

Every casino will come with certain rules for the players, and in the same way, even the 918Kiss app, provides a few rules and regulations for the players. If you are an experienced player in the web casino, then you won’t face any new things in the 918Kiss, but if you are a beginner, then you should be careful while playing not to lose more money.

Before you start playing the game, you need to choose a partner to play the game, and then you should specify the amount of money that you need to think to bet with. The game involves rotating wheels and concentrating on wheels as it comes with symbols. Once the wheel is turned around, the target of the wheel stops at a particular symbol, and he will win all the money. 

Tips to know before you start downloading the 918Kiss APK

Once you are done with logging, installing, and logging into the 918Kiss account, there are a few things that you need to know. Here, we have provided a few tips that will help you to get better profits from the games to play.

  • The players need to adjust the betting bonus before they claim the free bonus. If you are new to the platform, and it feels like you are losing to a specific game, then you should change your game. Or else, even if you try too hard, you can’t win the game
  • While using the 918Kiss app, if you feel that the graphics are not performing well or lagging, then either you should restart your phone or delete the app and again install it. It helps to speed up the performance of the game
  • One of the best tips for beginners, initially never get attracted to the jackpots, instead you can concentrate on safe playing the game, and not lose more credits all at once. Remember you should not deposit the same of money fixedly, as it should change occasionally more or less

Bottom Line

If you think whether 918Kiss APK is safe to download, then yes, it is extremely safe and secure to download. But the players need to make sure whether they are downloading it from the official or trustworthy site. If you download the original version from the original site, then it won’t affect your site.    

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