Should You Hire A Car Accident Lawyer In Waipahu, Hawaii

Accidents are terrifying, and this is true no matter where they happen. But if you are involved in an accident in Waipahu, Hawaii, then this article is for you. We get that not everyone immediately considers obtaining legal counsel after an accident.  However, once you have gained some composure, you should retain legal counsel so that you can pursue justice and compensation for your injuries.

The following paragraphs will cover the need for hiring a lawyer and how to choose one.

How do cases in Hawaii differ from other regions?

In Hawaii, there is a no-fault car insurance policy. This means that regardless of who was responsible for the accident, the insurance will pay for all lost wages and medical costs. Regardless of the accident’s origin, you will need to understand how to submit a claim. However, you must file a claim against the at-fault driver if the costs are greater than $5000. 

Why should you hire a lawyer? 

Anyone can make a claim against an insurance provider, but lawyers can help you make the best decisions. Many people do not take a step before hiring a lawyer, as they can guide you to make the right decisions from the very first step. 

Each insurance provider has a team of attorneys on staff, and they will all work to reduce your settlement. Receiving the highest remuneration is facilitated by hiring one yourself. However, obtaining justice is the primary goal of engaging a car accident lawyer.

How to choose a lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer is not something we have to do every day, so here are some suggestions. 

  1. Select a lawyer who is not just amiable and empathetic, but who is also knowledgeable.
  2. Along with knowledge, they also need to have handling experience with cases like these.
  3. In order for them to understand the laws inside and out better than outsiders, it is preferable that they come from the same area. However, this is not necessary and is just a suggestion. 
  4. They should help not only in winning the case but to get maximum compensation. 
  5. Many law firms today will listen to your case without charging you anything and only bill you if they win the case for you.

There are a lot of things you need to be aware of before choosing a lawyer. The most significant are these five recommendations.

What are the two types of compensation? 

There are two main types of compensation in every car accident. They are monetary losses and non-monetary losses. 

The goal of monetary losses is to financially raise enough money for their measurable costs. Recipients are compensated for injuries like pain and discomfort through non-monetary losses.


We think that after reading this article, it is evident whether or not you need to hire a car accident attorney. We explained why you should hire a lawyer and how the cases in Hawaii differ. Most importantly we gave some pointers on what qualities a lawyer must possess and how they help you get justice. 

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