Review QA Course From GoIT Philippines: Advantages of Choosing

Even five years ago, if you were told about the IT profession, you would first think about development. But now, speaking about IT, we can talk about many careers. One of them is a QA Engineer or specialist ready to check compliance with the finished product and the expectations of owners + documentation.

If you want to go to IT, want to be closely related to the code, but at the same time, do not want to write it – the professional QA Engineer is perfect for you. Below, we will explain:

  • what is the profession of a QA Engineer;
  • what you need to know to become a tester;
  • How the QA Testing course helps you start in this profession.

Read on and understand why IT courses will help you to become a technician.

Are QA specialists a popular profession?

Every modern project is only possible with a QA specialist. After all, you can create an IT solution based on technical documentation, but it may contain vulnerabilities or other problems:

  • it can have bugs, from grammatical errors to complete functional failure;
  • it may not include the functionality required by the target audience;
  • it requires ongoing vulnerability checks.

Accordingly, because of this, it is necessary to highlight the TOP-5 reasons why QA specialists are one of the most popular professions, along with developers. 

  1. Every product needs to be reliable and stable. Because QA engineers test not only games but also IT solutions for medicine, without which life is inconceivable for many people.
  2. Detecting and fixing bugs in the early stages of product development dramatically saves application and web resources.
  3. Testers improve the product’s customer experience as they work to attract more users and increase their loyalty.
  4. The work of testers is necessary if products must be checked for compliance with standards (ISO and so on).
  5. QA professionals need potential vulnerabilities and help ensure a high level of security.

Considering all these aspects, companies need QA specialists that provide a high standard of software quality. The combination of technical knowledge, analytical thinking, and attention to detail makes QA specialists indispensable participants of the development team.

Accordingly, every IT company needs QA specialists to create the best product and maintain its high performance. And the popularity of IT courses online is growing. 

What you need to know QA specialist to get your first job

One of the first things a beginner who wants to be a tester should know is the basics of testing. Here are 3 test basics that you will get in the process of self-study, as well as in professional courses:

  • you will learn all about testing types and learn how to apply them in the right situations;
  • it would be best if you created test cases and test plans;
  • it is imperative to work with bug tracking systems.

You will learn this in the first block of GoIT programming courses Philippines with a certificate. 

In the second block, you will have more skills related to programming languages and special tools.

The first thing you will learn is the basics of HTML and CSS, JS, and what is most necessary for the tester is a client-server architecture. You will understand SQL, databases, and mobile testing. Also, you will learn to create task autotests since testing is evolving.

The third block of GoIT courses is Soft Skills, necessary for excellent teamwork, improving English skills, and preparing for a job interview.

At the same time, if you are new and want to learn the maximum amount of knowledge about the profession of QA engineer free of charge – register for the marathon on QA. Here you will begin to understand the basics of testing, start real work with the site, and write your first Bug Reports.

You will also be able to evaluate the work of the GoIT management and company Happiness Managers, and their work may be a trigger for the beginning of the tech courses training.

Final Thoughts

To start learning the profession of a QA engineer, you do not need special knowledge, skills, or techniques. You only need a computer and a desire to get a high-paying job. 

At the end of the course, you will not only get a diploma, which can be shown at work before leaving and friends. But most importantly, you will create several personal projects that can be added to your portfolio.

A career in QA can be attractive and promising for those seeking to influence software development qualitatively. You can start by mastering the basic testing concepts and the necessary tools. Remember that continuing education and development are the keys to success in this profession. So, sign up for the online coding courses right now, become a tester, and find your dream job in a few months.

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