Questions New Buyers Should Ask Before Buying A Motor Insurance

How do I buy car insurance? It can be one of the most common questions in a new car owner’s mind. If you have brought home new wheels and share concerns about the ease of purchasing vehicle insurance, then we have got you covered. Quickly search online to find various vehicle insurers. After that, check the different levels of coverage on offer, then request and compare quotes through motor insurance services. The financial losses may get to your head if it involves your vehicle. Luckily car warranty plans are there to save our lives and solve this. A motor warranty helps ease the burden of costs you might have to pay and makes life easier. 

Assess your vehicle usage, needs, affordability, and the insurance provider’s products and services, before signing up for a policy. You can call the insurer to seek clarification on a policy’s coverage whenever you have concerns. Also, you can read the policy disclosure statements to find answers on policy inclusions, exclusions, renewal, cancellation, benefit limits, and more. Even when the PDSs can help you understand the terms and conditions of an active vehicle insurance policy, still, you may need assistance before the policy purchase.

This article deals with questions related to policy procurement. So, if you want a new car insurance policy, read on and help yourself.

  • Do I require a Motor Warranty?

A motor warranty is most useful for vehicle owners not planning to sell their car before the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturers often cover defective parts or mechanical breakdowns for a specific period. Insurance companies sometimes benefit by protecting items not offered by the manufacturer’s warranty, saving owners money if these parts fall through. And once the dealer’s warranty period lapses, cover from your Insurance company becomes effective. Your warranty only becomes beneficial if it gets used. The question is if you’re prepared to bear the many costs if something happens and you need to be covered.

  • How easy is it to buy a car insurance policy?

You can buy a policy online in four quick steps. Choose the vehicle insurer (after thorough research), decide the policy type, get a quote, and purchase the policy. Your new vehicle insurance policy will be active from the start date you select at the time of policy purchase or the same day as the policy purchase.

  •  Should I buy a car insurance policy before purchasing?

Yes, you can purchase a car insurance policy ahead of time, provided you buy the new vehicle from a private car seller/dealer and have the necessary vehicle details like year, make, model, series, color, additional accessories, modifications, and registration number. Also, you can instantly purchase a policy through licensed vehicle insurers, agents, outlets, or online, soon after buying a car but before hitting the road.

  •  When is the right time to insure a car after buying?

A vehicle is your responsibility once you buy it. It is best to insure your car before heading out for your first drive. Remember, lapses in your vehicle’s protection during the brief window when your car has no insurance coverage can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in case of loss or damage due to collisions or impact. So, have financial protection through additional vehicle insurance.

  • How Long Will the Warranty Last?

The period of your cover will be mentioned in your policy. For example, it can depend on the car’s odometer reading and the age of your vehicle. Usually, warranties are valid for some years or until you reach a specific speedometer reading. For example, your producer warranty would cover your engine for the first five years or until your odometer reaches 250,000km. In addition, some options are better than others, such as unlimited warranties that protect you no matter how much you have driven or how high your odometer reading gets.

  • Can a learner’s license holder buy car insurance?

Yes, it may be possible if you are a listed driver on somebody else’s car insurance policy. On the flip side, if you own a car, drive it more than anybody else, and are looking to purchase a policy, you can request quotes from vehicle insurers online before signing up.

  •  Will insurers cover cars with pre-existing damage?

While requesting a quote, insurers may ask you questions about pre-existing damage (like damage due to hail or extreme weather events or accidents). An insurer may decide whether or not to cover your vehicle depending on the level of damage. If they agree, you may have to provide evidence by uploading images on the suggested car inspection website or get your damaged vehicle examined at a specified vehicle inspection station.

  • Where Will I be Responsible?

To maintain and check the validity of your warranty, you are expected to do certain things, such as regular maintenance. So, for example, it could be void if the oil has stayed the same at specific measures of kilometers. Sometimes, it could also become invalid when you do repairs and maintenance from someone who isn’t approved or if you fail to do maintenance at specific times. But, again, all these details will be in your motor warranty policy documents.

Vehicle insurers can be your best sources of policy-related information. For intricate policy details, you can easily access the car warranty plan statements on an insurer’s website. Researching, purchasing, and managing warranties are mostly hassle-free with car insurance online services in current times. Also, most insurers offer special discounts for buying a policy online. So, why wait? Explore your car insurance options now!


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