Online Casinos that Don’t Pay Out

Online gambling is growing in popularity. In part, we have new regulations to thank for this. As more countries embrace online gambling as legal, the industry becomes much safer, and websites are much more reliable. Online casinos generate billions of dollars and can rival their land-based predecessors.

Some of the most sought-after websites are instant payout casinos. What this means is that the websites deliver fast payments. Usually, online casinos take a week or more to process your payout. However, quick-cashout casinos get the job done in a day or so. Some of the fastest payout online casinos with a good reputation also come with excellent bonuses and promotional offers, so they are perfect for new gamblers.

However, despite all the progress, some online casinos still need help with their audience. In this article, we will go over online casinos that notoriously don’t pay out. In other words, these are websites too far away.

  • The Virtual Casino Group

The Virtual Casino Group is one of the more well-known instances of online casino-based scammers. They have played a significant role in painting the industry with a negative brush. But, just how bad did it get, you may be asking?

Well, the Virtual Casino Group was well-known for its terrible customer service. They would ignore customers, send late responses, and leave problems unaddressed. Indeed, that is bad, but is terrible customer service enough to be considered among the worst?

Well, the VCG also refused payouts for no reason. Once the customers would complain, the VCG would simply ignore their concerns. It became so bad that players had to visit the company at their Costa Rica headquarters personally. Once there, customers were threatened or even physically assaulted.

If nothing else, the VCG taught many gamblers a valuable lesson. If you are gambling online, select your online casino well and thoroughly research its practices and reputation.

  • 21 Dukes

The 21 Dukes casino may seem fine. It has a relatively stellar reputation, a Costa Rican license, and an incredible game lobby. However, once you register an account, you might be faced with quite a few problems.

First and foremost, 21 Dukes have had quite a few instances of refusing to pay customers. Plenty of 21 Dukes users have filed several complaints regarding withdrawal issues. What is worse, many of these complaints still need to be addressed.

Not only that, but many players have said that their accounts have been closed without their consent. Suspiciously, many of these disabled accounts were players who had not been paid. There are other issues with 21 Dukes, one of which is that emails have gone unanswered and refund requests have been ignored.

The website also refuses to accept Bitcoin-based payments, despite the more significant benefits of blockchain technology today. Couple these issues with the need for a live chat, and 21 Dukes certainly comes up short. While certainly not the worst option, 21 Dukes is still a casino best avoided.

  • Rome Casino

Like the Virtual Casino Group, Rome Casino is infamous for online gambling. Any online casino-related scam you can think of, Rome Casino has attempted to pull off. One of the most shameless acts is their attempt to peddle a slot game that featured no crucial wild symbols. On top of that, they refused to payout any winnings, making them one of the worst online casinos today.

They’ve attempted to rebrand several times, including changing their name to Rome VIP Casino. However, most players are now wise in their behavior. Despite the rebrand, Rome Casino continues to be incredibly unreliable. Our recommendation would be to avoid this website, no matter what the brand name might be.

How to Spot a Bad Casino?

Now that we’ve reviewed three casinos that don’t pay out, we would like to discuss how you can spot a bad casino. There are quite a few factors that go into determining whether a casino is trustworthy or not. Let us look at the simplest way to find a quality website.

No Registration Required

The lack of registration requirements is not necessarily a sign of low quality. However, it definitely should raise a red flag. There is a reason why quality websites require registration, and many of them have to do with the payout. If the casino you’ve selected does not require registration, then be wary of problems in the future.

 No License/Poor License

If an online casino is unlicensed, don’t think twice about avoiding it. However, sometimes, a license is not enough. Do some research and determine whether the license is a quality one. The best licenses tend to come from EU-based countries or Caribbean nations.

 Bad Reputation

A bad reputation usually happens for a reason. Look into a casino’s past before you commit to the website. It is worth noting that you may see one or two customers complaining about payouts, which may not reflect on the site. However, if it becomes a continuous problem, you should look elsewhere.

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