lost lands 7 walkthrough chapter 2

After finding Ur’s heart in the first part of lost lands 7, Ur was resurrected by Malone. Ur went mad and caused the building to collapse. Malone disappeared in the ruins, and the plot came to the second chapter. Part of the staff, the following small The editor will bring you the second chapter of the lost lands 7 walkthrough, hoping to help you pass more quickly. If you want to know more about the lost lands 7 walkthrough, you can visit gametopn.com .

1. Finding Malone

After destroying the building, Ur disappeared into the woods. Malone’s body was buried in the rubble, but Malone had a pendant of Hillamir on his body. Is Malone still alive? Susan and her son need to find this answer.

  1. Get Hiramir’s Pendant on Malone’s corpse in the ruins, then go to Drakov Square and use Hiramir’s Pendant on the door to open the door.
  2. A collectible can be collected on the table on the left side of the room, and then click on the nearby lamp to get another way to use Sheilamir’s pendant. The light from this lamp is capable of revealing invisible text, placing Hiramir’s pendant on a special holder that can be used to activate the crystal.
  3. In order to make the hidden text readable, you need to make the room as dark as possible. After clicking on the window, the room will become dark. The next step is to find a way to use Hiramir’s pendant.
  4. Put Hiramir’s pendant on the lamp, install the button on the lamp to the correct position, click on the window to see the method of opening the secret room, click the book on the bookcase according to the position of the book on the window, and you can open it Hillamie’s secret room is now, and after entering the secret room, you will find that Malone is imprisoned here.

2. Give Malone a drink of water

  1. Malone who is locked in the secret room asks Susan for help and needs to drink water. You need to find a tool to drink water and give Malone to drink water.
  2. Click on the window in the secret room to see a bowl with a gap. This bowl cannot be used directly here.
  3. Click on the candle holder on the left side of the secret room, and use the knife on the candle holder to get the candle.
  4. Click on Malone, ask him for help and need fire, put the candle in Malone’s position to get the burning candle.
  5. The next step is to click the bowl on the windowsill and use the burning candle to get the bowl.
  6. Go to Drake Square, click on the well on the left, use the bowl on the well, and you can successfully get a bowl of water.

3. Open Hillamir’s Box

After returning to the back room and giving the water to Malone, we started a conversation. It turned out that it was Hiramir who locked Malone in the back room and impersonated Malone in order to get the heart. The next step was to find out what Hiramir did. Malone said that Hillamir had a box for writing a diary, and the next thing to do was to open Hillamir’s box and unlock his secrets.

  1. Click on the straw at Malone’s position in the secret room, and you can see the symbol that can open the Hillamir’s box. There will be a marker on the floor of Sheilamir’s room where using the knife will get Sheilamir ‘s box and axe .
  2. Click to use Hiramir ‘s box, you will see that a password is required to open the box, use the symbol seen from the straw, and place the symbol in the correct position to open Hiramir ‘s box.
  3. After opening Hiramir ‘s box, you can get round bricks and Hiramir ‘s diary, but nothing is recorded in the diary, because Hiramir is a diary written with invisible ink.
  4. Finally, use Sheilamir’s diary on the lamp in the room, and you can see the entire contents of the diary.

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