Lightsaber: Top 5 Points You Should Know About Its Manufacturing

Buying a lightsaber is one of the significant dreams of the Star Wars fan. Most of the fans used to collect the star wars lightsaber in their collection just for showing that they are die-hard fans of Star Wars. In addition to this, most companies manufacture lightsabers to increase their sales. Therefore, a person is highly suggested to be careful while buying it.

Apart from this, comparing different brands can help a Star Wars fan get the right product at the right price. There are some companies that not only manufacture lightsabers but also provide delivery to fans worldwide.

Dueling Quality

If a person is planning to purchase a lightsaber, he should ensure that the blade is made from a good and heavy metal. This material is made from polycarbonate because other materials are weaker than polycarbonate and do not make the product impactable.

Furthermore, the hilt and electronics are installed tightly to make them break and rattle. It is because, when a person starts shaking and swinging the lightsaber, the batteries are more likely to disassembled. So in order to avoid such types of errors, the companies make their products strong and attach all the materials tightly.

Flash and Lights

It is the most critical factor which makes the lightsaber attractive and more demanding among Star Wars fans. If a lightsaber does not glow, it does not look the same as it looks in the movies. The flashlight’s color and its effects depend on the product’s movement.

Additionally, getting a real lightsaber full of plasma takes work to create. So, companies use multiple lights in their product, making them as accurate as plasma lightsaber. However, only lights are not the main reason for buying the product. It gets developed into a significant weapon when attached to another lightsaber. Lastly, the mandalorian lightsaber comes with specific lights and sound.

Availability of Color Options

Color is considered another prominent feature of lightsabers. It is because the fans’ choice depends on their liking and the hero they love the most. For example, if a person likes with, they are more likely to buy a red lightsaber.

In addition to this, the blue and green lightsaber represents Jedi. However, the canonical lightsabers are gold and white. Some of the legendary Star Wars are called dark sabers, and they have more shades which are also attractive.

Lastly, if a person wants any other specific color, he can order the lightsaber according to his choice. In contrast, he can also use the lightsaber with multiple lights.

Great Sound Effects

Sound effects are also important similar to colors and lights. With the help of these sound effects, a person can get a realistic experience. For example, each Star Wars lightsaber has a different and specific sound effect that represents the hero using it.

Moving further, you can customize the sounds by downloading and uploading them in the lightsaber. Moreover, if you like to use the in-built sound, you can turn the sound on by simply pressing a button on the lightsaber’s handle.

While swinging the product, a user does not have to press a button while swinging the product. Because; the companies also place a sensor that figures out the movement of the lightsaber and starts sound.


As the fans of Star Wars know that both the Sith and Jedi create their weapons or tools while training. It is the main reason why the lightsabers come in specific designs, which companies copy from the movies.

Apart from this, Kylo and Maul also have some specific and advanced weapons, which make them the strongest among all team members. A collector is always advised that he can collect specific and rare lightsabers rather than collecting readily available products in order to make his collection unique.


Undoubtedly, buying the first lightsaber is quite joyful. Moreover, it is a memorable moment for a Star Wars fan when he buys the lightsaber. Additionally, companies try their best to make their product attractive and also use various designs so that they can look natural. A buyer should check all the qualities in the lightsaber and also make a comparison of prices to purchase a good one.

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