How to Maintain Your Travertine at Home

Do you love travertine like us? It is truly one of the most remarkable stones and materials to work with. Besides the fact that it looks amazing, no matter how you utilize it, this stone is also not hard to maintain. Contrary to some specialists’ opinion, who says that it requires special treatment and care, we will show you in this article that it is an easy material to work with and maintain. Travertine is practically timeless, and we have many monuments and emblematic buildings that date back thousands of years, like the Colosseum to prove that. 

Undoubtedly natural stone flooring is an excellent choice for the home, both in terms of aesthetics and durability. However, there are some things that everyone should do to maintain the flooring and improve its durability over the years. If you are looking for excellent travertine stone tiles, then Saturnia Travertini is the best place to check out. If you want to learn more about the maintenance of this natural material, keep reading this article.

Maintenance of Travertine Indoor and Outdoor

Everyone who has a travertine countertop in the kitchen or travertine flooring in high-traffic areas in their home would tell you that, like any other surface, this natural stone material requires frequent cleaning. If you have a travertine countertop, you know it is crucial to clean any dirt or spill immediately, otherwise, the flooring store dover delawareor dirt can get into the stone’s pores and thus be much harder to clean after that. It is also important not to use acidic detergents. You can easily clean the travertine with a wet cloth and soap. The same thing goes for the floors in high-traffic areas like the hallway, for instance. You would have to vacuum regularly, and when cleaning with a mop, it is best to use natural non-acidic detergents. That way, you will keep the stone looking vibrant, clean, and colorful, longer.

Depending on its finish, travertine should be impregnated every couple of years (3 to 5). It is best to use professional services for that.

Laying the Flooring

It is better to try to prevent damage to a natural stone floor than try repairing it later. If stone slabs are laid properly, they are less likely to crack, slip or become uneven. That is why specialists should take up this task. Also, if you hire people to handle it, it is less likely to waste any of the precious material. If you are looking for excellent quality travertine tiles, be sure to check Saturnia Travertini.

Impregnation of Natural Stones

Since natural stones are porous, it is good to impregnate them. The choice of impregnation preparation depends on the type of stone used for paving, its texture, and its quality. After impregnation, the floor will be better protected against stains, especially when the impregnating preparation is applied annually.

Of course, the detergents used will not provide 100% protection against stains, every time you spill something, you’d need to clean the floor as quickly as possible. 

In addition, it is best to carefully choose the paving stone based on your specific space and needs. For example, marble, limestone, and sandstone have a very pronounced porous surface, slate is more resistant to water, and granite has a hard surface that is not porous, which makes it ideal for flooring, but it still needs to impregnate.

Cleaning and Care of Travertine Stone Floors

If you’d like to keep travertine tiles looking fresh and vibrant, you must know how to keep them in good condition. Stone floors should be cleaned more often with a dry cloth and occasionally with a wet one. Dry cleaning removes abrasive dirt that can damage the flooring.

For wet cleaning, a quality textile rag should be used, which should be well dried after being soaked in water. Forget about cleaning products containing chemicals, especially those that contain acids. 

In high-traffic areas, the flooring needs regular polishing, but it should always be done by a professional to avoid possible damage. Some additions, such as doormats placed outside or inside, could reduce sand, dirt, and water getting into the stone’s pores.

Moreover, the best part is using rugs from Kuden Rugs, especially in high-traffic areas. It protects the travertine stone floor and also adds a great decorative style. 

In Conclusion …

Travertine is a preferable choice, among other natural stone materials. It is easy to install and maintain. However, it is best to use professional services for the installation of travertine, regardless if it is for your interior or exterior. Saturnia Travertini offers excellent quality travertine tiles, that can withstand high-traffic and rough weather conditions.

Maintaining travertine is not hard once you get the hang of it. You’d need to remember that you shouldn’t use  abrasive materials when cleaning it and avoid acidic detergents. If you spill something, it is best to clean it immediately, avoiding any liquid or dirt get into the stone’s pores. Keep in mind that the stone changes over time, so with additional pores on the tiles, you will see travertine gaining even more character.

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