How to get a virtual phone number for free?

Nowadays there are a lot of people who want to create fake accounts, and our team specially for such cases has created a unique service for renting and selling virtual number for sms. Our service gives you a huge selection of fake phone number for verification. You can take absolutely any number of any country, for absolutely any service, whether it be Telegram, WhatsApp and so on. In addition to our site we also have a telegram account for issuing free virtual numbers. We also have a paid telegram channel where we give away cool numbers for different services very often and very much! You can always learn more in our Blog. You will learn how to register in detail on different services through our virtual numbers. 

How does it work?

In fact, everything is much easier than it seems, all you need is to go to our website, register, refill your balance. Next, all you need to do is choose a phone number and country code which you need. Choose a temporary phone number, you choose a service for him below, which you want to get sms activation. Type your phone number in the service you choose and press the get sms button. You will see that below the virtual number will be an sms code, enter it and you are ready! All very simple and easy! But still, let me describe you a little more below in detail how everything can be done, so that you certainly have no questions.

You also can use our number lease services so you can get unlimited sms to activate any service you may want to use. 

Learn more about how to use our services

To buy a temporary number activated by SMS, you need to register on our website.

1.First you need to register and enter your e-mail address and password.

  1. Choose the payment method which is the most convenient for you and refill balance.
  2. On the main page choose the country you want to buy phone number in.

4.Open the list of services and use the search.

5.Choose the server you are interested in.

6.Click the “Buy” button.

7.Register with the selected service using this phone number.

8.When the service asks for a code, click “Get Code” next to the order.

9.Copy the code and use it to activate.

How to get a free fake phone number for SMS activation

You can join our official Telegram channel. There every day, every four hours, you will receive a number that will allow you to subscribe for free to all available services from our list. All you have to do is go to the channel and sign up. We also have special offers for those who want a discount. You can learn more on our channel

Why use a VPN when signing up?

Using a VPN extension allows you to change your IP address, bypass many blocked sites and greatly speed up the sign-in process. To do this, you need to select the country and IP address corresponding to the country of the number you purchased to register your new account. For example, if you purchased a Polish number to register with Facebook, you will need to use VPN Poland to complete the registration process easily.

How can I get a discount on fake phone numbers?

You need to email support with your wallet address and we’ll help you set a new price as long as you have NFT, we’re waiting to hear from you 24/7.

All you need to buy NFT is a wallet with a balance.Step by step.

Create a TONwalletin in the Tonkeeper app.

Put as much money as you want into your wallet.

Go to the toy collection

Select the amount you want


You are now the first owner of the NFT.

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