How To Choose A Wig For Beginners

Ahhh, you’re about to undertake your first hair milestone–buying your first human hair wig. Now, we understand that this can be a bit overwhelming. There are just so many options, straight, curly, wavy, short, medium, long, blonde, black, brown, and more! 

You can’t decide which would look great on you and which wouldn’t. 

Of course, we all know any wig that doesn’t flatter you, doesn’t belong on your head. So how do you choose your first wig, as a beginner? Let’s show you what to consider and how to make your final decision. 

The first thing to take into consideration is length. 


There are four major lengths to consider when getting wigs– short, medium, long and extra long. Short wigs are from 10 inches and lower. Medium-length wigs are from 12 to 16 inches long. Long wigs are from 18 to 24 inches long. And finally, extra long wigs are from 26 inches and above. 

As a beginner, it is best, to begin with, a short or medium length human hair lace front wig but it all depends on your preference. 

If you are going to choose a long wig, you should know that they trap more heat. So you are going to feel warmer whenever you have the wig on. Also, some people tend to be easily irritable, which means the constant feeling of the hair brushing against their skin makes them pretty uncomfortable. 

So before picking the length of your first wig, do ensure it’s one you’d be 100% comfortable in. 

The next thing to consider is the shape of your face. 

Face Shape 

Your personal preference is important in picking your first wig but your face shape is a major determiner of how good a wig would look on you. 

Let’s take each face shape and the best wigs for them. 

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, which is where the forehead is slightly bigger than the chin, most wigs would look great on you. But some specific wigs are – medium length bob and long wavy hair.  

Square Face 

A square face features an equal forehead and jawline. The best wigs for this face shape are a chin length bob, long wavy hair, and a layered bob with side bangs. 

Some wigs to completely avoid because of how unflattering they are, include jaw length bobs, pixie wigs with bangs, and ponytail wigs. 

Round Face  

This shape of the face is characterized by chubby cheeks and a round and full jawline. The best wigs for a round face, a side parted lob, or layered bob. 

The wigs you should completely avoid are medium length voluminous curls, and bob with bangs. 

Heart Face 

This face has a round forehead and cheekbone with a pointy chin and narrow jawline. The best wigs are curly wigs with bangs or a curly side pony. 

The hairstyles to totally avoid are voluminous bob or pixies. Neither of these styles would look good or flatter that pretty face of yours. 

Now it’s fine to pick a color.

Color Of The Wig

There are a ton of colors for wigs today but the issue is which ones are best for a beginner? 

As a newbie in the hair game, your first wig should be quite similar to your real hair in color.

It should be something you can’t easily spot, out of a thousand other hairs. It could be black or brown, two neutral colors. 

You should also pick a color that blends perfectly with your skin note. After all, what’s the point of your wig looking like it shouldn’t be on your head? 

Another thing to consider when getting your first wig as a beginner is a make. Should it be a human hair wig, a synthetic one, or a fiber wig? 

Although you probably know this, your best choice is a human hair wig. It lasts longer, is easier to care for, and is better looking. 

Unfortunately, if your budget is too low for a good human hair wig, then you can go for either synthetic or fiber. But be rest assured you can never go wrong with a human hair wig. 

Your wig cap size is also very essential when choosing your first wig. You must inquire about your head size, so you can purchase a wig that isn’t too tight or too loose for your head. 

Most people wear a size average but it is important to get your head measured first, just to be safe. Also, ensure the wig comes with adjustable straps to help the wig be more firm on your head. 

So, these are the few things to consider when getting your first wig as a beginner. Hopefully, with the help of this list, you will be able to pick the right type of wig with little to no stress. 

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