How to be a pro for fishing games

Fishing games are pretty popular among gamblers, but it also requires some sort of skill or proper knowledge in order to play it well. You probably wish to learn how to win the game so that you don’t end up wasting your money, right? Well, here are some helpful tips on how you can be a pro at fishing games!

1. Don’t only target the small fishes

The common perception of most gamblers is that small fishes are much easier to catch. However, you’ll be wasting your time on the small fishes that aren’t valuable. The small fishes only offer small payouts. Overtime, you’ll just reduce your chance of winning and bet even more instead. You can consider going for the bigger guns so that you’ll miss shooting the small fishes.

But keep in mind just because the fishes are big, it doesn’t mean they offer bigger rewards as well. Each fish has its own payout value where sometimes, it’ll be displayed above the fish.

2. Observe how the fish behaves

Every fish behaves differently in terms of speed. Some swim fast while the other fishes (usually small fishes) swim slowly. Don’t make the rookie mistake of mindlessly shooting any fish you see that your bullet ends up missing all of them. The key is to observe the fishes and target the ones that you are able to shoot easily. The fishes that move quickly tend to waste your bullets and time as you keep trying to shoot them multiple times (unless you manage to shoot them within the first few tries).

3. Target big fishes if you have sufficient bullets

When you begin the game with big fishes such as sharks or manta rays, you might end up running out of bullets as they are much harder to kill. Hence why you shouldn’t start the game with shooting big fishes as you’ll run out of bullets throughout the game. That’s also why you should begin the game with a proper strategy to not waste your bullets. One handy tip when shooting big fishes would be to use large bullets as it’ll be easier to kill them.

4. Aim bonus targets

You should also consider the bonus targets that randomly appear on the screen other than fishes such as pearls and sea dragons. You’ll be able to get extra points and the chance of you hitting them down is quite high.

The bonus targets usually move quite slowly, making it easier for you to shoot them. Plus, the points you’ll get is more than the value of some fishes. Some fishing games even increase your level automatically when you achieve a certain number of bonus targets (such as shooting 5 pearls consecutively.)

5. Choose the right fishing game

There are so many different types of fishing games available in online casinos. Each game will have its own pros and cons. Some fishing games are quite boring too, and will have less attractive rewards. Those types of fishing games just make you waste your time and money.

The games that offer the best rewards and are considered fun would be Monster Revenge, Ocean King, and King of Treasures. These games can be found on Winbox, a one stop entertainment mobile app. These fishing games not only offer attractive rewards, but they also have interesting user interface and entertaining sounds.

Try to look through the online reviews of the fishing games so you’ll get a rough idea on how it’s like before actually playing it. If you’re a beginner, all the more reason why you should do your own research on which fishing games are best for you as not all of the games are beginner-friendly.

6. Avoid hidden fishes

You may think that shooting fish which are hidden will be easy, but it’s actually considered quite hard to shoot. Accordingly to certain fishing game rules, you’ll increase the risk of wasting a whole lot of bullets trying to shoot the fish hidden in between seaweed or rocks.

7. Shoot fishes that are swimming alone

The fishes that are swimming alone tend to be easier to kill. However, don’t waste your large bullets on them! You should always use the smaller bullets as they are sufficient enough to kill them. But only shoot them when they are close to you. Otherwise, they will be hard to catch and you’ll be wasting your bullets.

Wrapping Up

With that being said, fishing games, just like other online casino games, require a strategy so that you can score yourself big wins. Be sure to master all of these tips and the fishing game rules in order to increase your chances of winning and becoming a professional!

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