Grow your knotless braid wig longer with proper care tips

I’ve gone through a good number of a knotless braid wig over the years since I started enjoying braided hairstyles. While I love how easily they enable me to create different braided designs, I often discover that my wigs will start to lose their shape and quality much sooner than I planned. I eventually realized that it was probably the result of not taking proper care of my wig. I have noticed a significant increase in how long my braided wigs look their best since making changes to the way I maintain them. Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned about maintaining a knot-free braid wig if you want to get the most out of yours too.

How to properly store your wig

When I wasn’t wearing my wig, I would just throw it on my desk, bed, or bathroom counter. This was a big mistake because it caused the hair to break and become damaged. To keep your wig in its best braided shape, store it on a wig stand or mannequin head. I appreciate express wig braids stands because they come in a variety of attractive finishes that complement my home decor. Storing the wig properly also prevents tangles. Avoid direct sunlight, moisture and extreme heat, which can damage all fibers.

Separate gently and on a regular basis

Daily wear and tear can cause tangles in a knotless braid wig over time. To reduce painful pulling and excessive shedding, gently detangle your hair 2-3 times a week with a wide-toothed comb or soft brush. To avoid excessive pulling on hair knots, always start with the bottom strands and gradually work your way up. The satin-lined wig cap allows the strands to slide over each other with less friction, making detangling easier.

Wash when needed

When a wig is not washed, scalp oils, styling agents, and environmental toxins can accumulate on the fibers over time. This clogs them and causes the skin to tangle and break. I refresh my wigs when they start to feel stiff or look rough. Use a high-quality synthetic wig shampoo to gently cleanse the fibers without drying or damaging them. For this I recommend better shampoo.

Hat style should be avoided

When exposed to hot tools such as curling or flat irons, synthetic strands in braided wigs can be damaged. This causes frizz and breakage over time, ruining the wig’s appearance. If you need to speed up the drying process, air-dry your wig or use low, intermittent heat. Touch-ups using a diffuser attachment are also less dangerous than blowing with direct heat. Avoid using heated equipment at all costs for optimal fiber lifetime.

Moisturize regularly

Synthetic braid wig fibers, like real hair, require hydration on a regular basis to stay silky, conditioned and tangle-free. I prefer to massage in a couple of drops of a high-quality wig oil or moisturizer once a week and let it soak overnight before washing out any residue in the morning. Look for hydrators designed for synthetic hair.

Protect when not wearing

Even careful storage of a wig, crowding throughout the day, and general handling can cause friction that causes it to fray and break over time. So when heading out, I always carefully slide my wig into a soft, protective bag – its plush interior accommodates the wig and closes securely. Wrapping the edges in the form of a loose rope further reduces tangles from daily movement.

Reinforce repairable areas

As beautiful as boho braids look, constant brushing and detangling can apply stress points in certain areas over time. To minimize future breakage at these weak spots, reinforce them with smooth loops of synthetic thread that naturally blend into the braids. Look for wig repair threads in coordinating colors to create invisible reinforcements. This strengthening technique dramatically extends the life of a wig once mastered.

Estimate for change

While proper care maximizes the longevity of a braided wig, no wig can last indefinitely. If, despite your best efforts, there is excessive shedding, tangling, or breakage, it’s usually time to retire it. Other symptoms include excessively worn fibers with a completely frayed appearance. A careful evaluation of the wig’s condition helps determine when a change is needed versus a rescue with tlc. Just be sure not to wear the overwig to the extent that it causes folliculitis.

Making these maintenance tips part of my hair routine has made a huge difference in how long my braided wigs look their best. I have been able to extend the wear time to several additional months with diligent care. If you also take the time to care for and maintain your knotless braid wigs, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them looking like new for longer.

Express Wig Braids mission is to empower women of color with alternatives to looking and feeling their best. We appreciate the beauty and safety benefits of Braided wigs as a firm that makes beautiful braided wigs. Our knotless braids are handcrafted with only the finest quality Japanese synthetic fibers, known for their elasticity, softness and longevity. Our wigs are designed to feel comfortable and natural all day long, thanks to thoughtful touches like breathable lace caps and a custom fit.

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