Can international students study medicine in Australia?

Medicine has always been the field that has received the most attention from the society, and there is a great demand for talents in this professional field every year. In order to further their studies, many medical students choose to study abroad and Australia is one of their choices. Then, can international students study medicine in Australia? Let’s take a look below!

Can I study medicine in Australia?

The answer is of course yes. Australia has first-class medical technology, advanced and complete facilities, and outstanding achievements in medical education. Many of its universities have great international influence in the medical field. Therefore, it is a good choice to study medicine in Australia. Then, what is the best major to study medicine in Australia? Below are a few recommended majors.

Recommendations for studying medicine in Australia

  1. Rehabilitation Medicine (Sports Rehabilitation)

Victoria University is representative of such professional programmes. Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation is one of the featured courses of the university. By studying this course, graduates can obtain one of three types of exercise rehabilitation certifications stipulated by the Exercise and Sports Science Australia (aaess): Musculoskeletal, Nervous System or Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. Graduates with accreditation from the Exercise and Sports Science Australia can pursue careers in sports rehabilitation services. Graduates of this major have many employment opportunities and high starting salaries.

  1. Medical laboratory

Medical laboratory is also a certified course in Australia. Medical laboratory scientist is listed on the shortage occupation list in Australia. After graduation, students can immigrate after passing the occupational assessment requirements of the Australian institute of medical scientists (aims). The language requirement is an average IELTS score of 7. The recommended institution is RMIT University.

  1. Optometry

In Australia, optometrists provide optometry services, guide patients to protect their eyesight and overcome vision problems. There are not many universities offering this major, and most of them are at the undergraduate level, such as the optometry courses offered by Queensland University of Technology, University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. Optometrist is listed on the short-sought occupation list in Australia. After graduation, students need to pass the occupational assessment of the Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand (ocanz). The language requirement is 4 Bs in IELTS oet or 4 7s in IELTS.

If you want to know more medical courses in Australia and their details, it is recommended that you use Course Finder. This is a powerful course search tool that can assist you to find the desired courses offered by Australian, Singapore’s and New Zealand’s institutions. What’s more important, it is easy to use – you can use it to get a list of medical courses in Australia in only several seconds.


International students are able to study medicine in Australia. Studying medicine there, you can not only get a lot of study options, but also obtain world-class medical education and widely recognized qualifications. All these will help you work as a doctor in different countries and regions after graduation.

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