Best Ways to Gain More Free Followers on Instagram

Are you planning to get more followers on Instagram? No need to worry; we’ve prepared the tops for you.

Many say that it’s tough to get followers, especially today when the competition becomes fiercer by the day. Due to the exponentially increased number of Instagram users, knowing who your market is and reaching potential audiences could be tricky.

However, you can still make the chance to increase your followers by optimizing your profile, creating better content, and being consistent with your schedule. Without further ado, let us go to the first method to make your profile grow!

Best Ways to Gain More Free Followers on Instagram

1. Hashtags Optimization

As a part of a post, hashtags are often used to ensure that people can quickly reach out to a particular topic. You can continually optimize the hashtags for each post to get potential free Instagram followers. So, what do you need to do with them?

First, see what’s the trending hashtags. Usually, Instagram lists the top hashtags people highly search for during that particular time. Then, see what’s the relevant hashtag to your brand or business.

Remember to use only a few of them since putting so many at once can make your post too spammy. Plus, the post might look worse when it has a bunch of hashtags all over the place.

2. Make a Giveaway Campaign

People love getting free things, especially from the brands they know about. Sometimes, campaigns like this are inevitable. Companies need to sacrifice their resources in order to achieve the most wanted result: better awareness. Giveaway events may easily grant you 100 free Instagram followers or even more. However, the event also needs to be presented nicely so that people may feel intrigued to join in. 

Create basic rules that are easy to follow, like tagging friends, putting a comment, or subscribing to a YouTube channel. However, once the winners have been picked, send the promised gifts to them. Remember, lies will always make your brand image look so unprofessional and incredibly dishonest.

3. Collaborations with Fellow Creators

Collaborating with influencers may give a significant win-win for both parties. You, as a brand, may benefit from their exposure and association, while they can get financial advantages. Partnerships like this may grant you more followers, although you don’t have the Instagram followers increase app, like Ins Followers. What’s excellent is partnership doesn’t have to put a hole in your wallet. See the influencers who have a reasonable rate.

To create the best relationship through this collaboration, check the influencers first before contacting them. See what kind of content they post; is it family-friendly, and know what their market is according to their brand image?

If all the aspects are okay, then it’s time to contact them directly. Ask for their rate price, and talk about collaboration with them.


When you finally grow your brand, the challenges ahead will be more complex than ever, especially regarding followers’ growth. If you’re suffering from the same thing, the methods above can be helpful in solving your problems.

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