Are you aware of the services offered by orthodontists?

Did you constantly suffer from a lack of confidence due to crooked teeth? If yes, you needn’t fret as you can hire the services of an orthodontist who can assist you in getting a proper teeth alignment. Straight teeth can boost your confidence and improve your appearance, adding to your overall charm. 

Before you get to the list of the most common ortho services offered,  wouldn’t you like to know what the orthodontists help you with?  If yes, keep reading the concerns of the post.

  • Misaligned and overcrowded teeth

The main task of an orthodontist is to diagnose dental malocclusions and problems like oral cavity.  Once he diagnoses these problems in a patient,  he designs the tools that are required for realigning his teeth and jaws to cure alignment problems. The normal problems associated with a person’s oral health are misaligned teeth and overcrowded teeth. Ceramic braces and metal braces are used to treat overcrowding and misalignment of teeth. These braces can exert pressure on the teeth and align them for good.

  • Maintaining the right space between teeth

Whenever a kid uses his baby teeth ahead of time,  the orthodontist’s task is to provide space fillers. Space fillers are used to prevent the teeth (beside the tooth that has fallen out) from overgrowing and making less space for other adult teeth to come out. In case you don’t get space fillers in kid’s teeth, the adult teeth will never grow in proper shape. This is why kids also need to visit orthodontists. 

  • Diagnosing and curing malocclusions

Malocclusions occur when a person’s jaws don’t align. Crossbite is a type of malocclusion that is easier in terms of treatment and repositioning. In this case, the jaws are in proper shape but the teeth are not aligned with each other. They come as an overbite. The upper jaw comes in front of the lower jaw. Underbite is yet another type of malocclusion where the lower jaw is bigger than the upper jaw. 

  • Cheek and lip bumpers

No, the orthodontist doesn’t only treat teeth and jaw issues. There are a few cases where the patient’s cheek and lips protrude in such a manner that they put extra pressure on their teeth. This gets discomforting and painful. The orthodontist offers lip and cheek bumpers so that the cheek and lips don’t get in direct touch with the teeth. 

Therefore, if you have a kid or a teenager who has the above-listed issues, you should seek the help of an orthodontist. 

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