Aloft Hotel, South Bend, Indiana

This is as perfect a spot as any to build a hotel. Placed in the heart of a city with excellent pedestrian access, not far from all the local universities. When I made my reservation here, I specifically asked for a room on one of the upper floors (there are 17 of them) so that I could enjoy the panorama. We were originally assigned to the eighth level, but there was no issue or controversy when I requested a higher floor and was moved to the sixteenth. What a stunning vista of the golden dome and mosaic church of Notre Dame!

There is plenty of room in the room for suitcases. The bathroom has a mini fridge for your convenience. The shower’s water pressure and temperature were both satisfactory, however, guests should be advised that the tiled floor is extremely slippery and there are neither grab bars nor hooks for drying off within the shower. Pump bottles of high-quality body wash, shampoo, and conditioner are conveniently mounted to the shower wall.

In the sixth story, there was a great pool. It’s on the shallow side, but it’s nice and toasty inside. We used it when it was only the two of us, however, the sign outside claims it has space for 75 people. In addition to a lift at the side of the pool to help those with mobility issues enter the water, the facility also features two beautiful showers for use before and after a swim.

Although we did not partake in the complimentary breakfast or stop by the attractive bar, it appeared that the other guests, who were largely young businesspeople, were having a great time. We parked in the underground garage on site, which was safe, close to the elevators, and inexpensive ($15) for the night.

If you’re looking for a good meal and welcoming service, head to the Irish bar next door.


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