A List of Doctors Salaries

While the average American physician earns approximately $53,000, a physician specializing in pediatrics will make around $344,000 annually. The highest-paid specialty is plastic surgery, which makes an average annual salary of $526,000. In contrast, the lowest-paid specialty is family medicine, which is close to $200,000 annually. The list of doctors’ salaries isn’t comprehensive, but it does provide a helpful overview of average annual salaries in specific fields.

In addition to salary, geographic location also has a bearing on earning potential. Although doctors in wealthy areas earn more than their counterparts, their living costs are higher than those in low-income areas. The top three states for physician salaries are Alabama, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. Compared to these states, physicians in less-affluent areas must compete harder for qualified physicians. Nevertheless, physicians in these states should not be discouraged by these disparities in pay.

Physicians can earn a high income, but the exact figure depends on many factors. The average income of a physician varies across states and specialties, so there’s no single list of doctors’ salaries. One thing that remains constant is the fact that doctors must invest both time and money to become a doctor. In addition, many of them incur a considerable amount of debt in medical school, and that makes it necessary to make a salary that covers their bills.

As mentioned, Canadian physician salaries are determined by the type of specialty a doctor practices, where they practice, and whether or not they are paid by a fee-for-service model. In most cases, doctors in Canada operate under a fee-for-service model, meaning they charge their patients a fixed amount per service. For example, family physicians in BC earn an average salary of $217,000 while surgeons earn around $466000 a year.

Other factors that influence a physician’s income include his or her age, level of training, and specialty. Surgical specialists are among the highest-paid physicians in the US, while primary care physicians make the lowest. Physician salaries also depend on the state in which they practice, where they practice, and their skillsets. Forbes has a list of the top-earning states for doctors in the US. If you’re a physician in a specific specialty, you should take the time to investigate the salary rates of doctors in your area.

If you are considering a career as a doctor, the average salary for the specialty you’re interested in is an important factor. Not only does a physician’s salary affect the amount of medical school loans he or she will receive, but it also helps to plan your finances. As a result, knowing what the average salary for a specialty is can help you determine whether it’s worth pursuing your degree. The median salary for a primary care physician in North America was $214,569 in 2018. As with all other specialty salaries, the salary for physicians isn’t identical between survey years, and there are many exceptions.

According to the survey, the average annual income for US physicians varies based on the specialty, the state in which they practice, and their employment status. The data are based on sources like Medscape, LinkedIn, Indeed, and the Canadian Institute for Health Information. You can sort the list by income by state or specialty. You can organize them by highest to lowest according to the income level. The survey reveals that a doctor in the breadbasket makes $297K annually, while a physician in the northeast makes $357K per year.

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