Do you want to open a business of escape rooms soon? Then you should check out this article right now! It has basic knowledge of escape rooms and some advice on opening one too! 

You will love your business of opening escape rooms the most! But before that, you need to know something else too! 

Here we’ve got eight considerations before running an escape room business: 

  1. HAVE A BUSINESS PLAN: A business plan will help you set your foot in the industry much more quickly and help you guys out even more in the future. All you have to do is take care of the financial, design, and maintenance budget. It should also include the budget of the team and the company. Also, check Rush escape rooms for brilliant ideas for your design department! 
  2. PLAY A LOT OF ESCAPE ROOMS: Before opening one, you need to research what kinds of escape rooms are there and how you will be able to integrate all of them into your branch. Also, you need to develop a theme to design and figure out what puzzles to put in, which you will work on with a professional. So, it would help if you first experienced escape rooms in reality.  
  3. LEARN THE FOUR FACTORS: You need to learn the four factors that help you sustain a business-like escape room after the establishment and the making. These four factors are: 
  • Location (which should be apt to be famous and to attract the players) 
  • Good Quality game and puzzles:
  • Smooth running and organized behavior
  • Customer service 
  1. TALK TO OWNERS: Talking to other game owners will help you know about the brand’s real-life experience and how it will actually work out. And what should you avoid doing, and what should you be doing? It all becomes easier by talking with experience. 
  2. LEARN ABOUT STRATEGY AND COMPETITORS: Strategy is fundamental while doing business. Especially against competitors, you’ve got to realize that it’s essential to understand how your rival works to survive in the game! 
  3. PLAN A MARKETING STRATEGY: After understanding everything, you need to market your escape room in the right way and to the right audience. For that, you will need to do ads, spread the word through other escape room enthusiasts, do posters and even online advertisements, and even provide a pre-thriller to your escape room games to get the audience excited! 
  4. BUILD A GOOD WEBSITE: This is a central part of the plan! Your website will define what you will be representing, and your regular/new updates on the business will also be there. It would be a culmination of what your escape rooms are about. It is also a way of booking tickets, attracting customers, creating exposure, and making an audience on the online platform. Also, an excellent way for the customers to browse through what services and escape rooms you guys offer! 
  5. ATTEND SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES: This will help you gain insight into the community and new connections for future collaborations. It will let you know what the people are thinking about their business, and their new advancing model plans to grow in the future. It will become inspirational for you there.  

Keep these in mind and finally, let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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