6 Tools for Sales Prospecting

You had an idea, you implemented it and built a business around it with the help of available resources. Well and good. Now, the next step is to attract customers to your product/service. During the ideation phase, you might have picturized your ideal customer, right? Targeting those customers and making them use your product is where the real challenge lies. A powerful sales prospecting software helps you overcome this challenge. Let us discuss what is sales prospecting and what are the leading B2B sales prospecting tools that can be used for your business growth.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales Prospecting is the process of searching for potential customers of a business, building a pipeline, and converting them into paying customers of your product/service. The process of sales prospecting is as follows:

  • Conduct market research
  • Create an ideal customer profile
  • Prepare a list of prospects
  • Decide the communication channel (cold calls, emails, social media, referrals/ networking, etc)
  • Start the conversation
  • Review the results and analyze them

6 Best Sales Prospecting Tools

42% of sales reps say that prospecting is the most difficult part of their job. Here we have curated a list of the 6 most popular sales prospecting tools and how they help you. So save this list and thank us later.

  1. Lystloc

Lystloc is one of the best tools that assists your sales prospecting process. In this app, there are options to create, save and review your lead’s status at any point in time. This helps in regular follow-ups with prospects without fail. Also, there is a unique analytics and reports feature named Lystdata that caters to all your business needs. The reports can be customized and serve as a one-stop solution for getting deeper business insights making it the best B2B sales prospecting tool.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Get detailed sales reports in your mailbox as and when required.


Monthly / Annually Basic Standard Enterprise
3 months free for annual subscription. ₹99/user/month ₹199/user/month ₹249/user/month

Lystloc also provides a 14-day free trial with all its features. To sign up, click app.lystloc.com/register

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We all know that LinkedIn is one of the leading professional networks used by millions of professionals all over the world. Sales Navigator is a popular tool that helps salespeople in prospecting with its Inmail and personalized messaging options. Make the most use of it to reach and communicate with your leads.


  • Direct messaging options
  • Integrations with many leading CRMs


Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus are the 3 pricing plans available. They provide a 1-month free trial for all plans. After a free trial, the pricing starts from 5060.99 INR when billed annually.

  1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales CRM tool that helps salespeople to reach their potential customers easily. The email software connects your email with your contacts and assists throughout the sales cycle. In Pipedrive, you can add any number of contacts and calculate their win probability too.


  • Good customer support
  • Customizable features


4 types of pricing plans – Essential, Advanced, Professional & Enterprise, and the pricing starts from $9.90/user/month. They also provide a 14-days free trial.

  1. FindThatLead

This is a simple and easy B2B prospecting tool to find leads and reach them by cold emails. You can also add this as a Google Chrome extension and search for email IDs easily from your browser. Use this lead prospecting tool to create personalized emails and track their status.


  • Campaign management
  • Domain Check


Growth, Startup, and Suite are the 3 types of pricing plans available starting from $49 billed monthly.

  1. Overloop (formerly Prospect.io)

Overloop, formerly Prospect.io is a multichannel outbound campaign platform to manage your sales pipeline, track performance, and close more deals. You can use this as a Google chrome extension to find emails of your leads and also emails associated with a website making it one of the best sales prospecting tools.


  • Contact Management
  • Email Finder


Overloop has a single plan that starts from $99/user/month and also a 14-day free trial option.

  1. Reply.io 

Reply.io is a sales engagement platform that has all the features required for creating new opportunities like email finder, LinkedIn automation, Calendar, etc. With this app, you can discover emails, engage your prospects, execute tasks and analyze your outreach results thus helping your business grow.


  • AI assistant
  • CRM integrations & Analytics


Starter, professional, and custom are the 3 pricing plans available that start from $60/user/month. There is a 14-days free trial available too.

Key Takeaways

Sales prospecting is a way to add a personalized, human touch to your outreach when done effectively yields numerous benefits. To reap those benefits, you have to choose the right sales prospecting software that helps you since it is one of the time-consuming processes in sales. Pick the one that best suits your business budget and needs and attract more prospects. There is a popular saying “Prospecting – Find the man with the problem”. As a sales professional, it is your responsibility to reach the right people and solve their problems with your product/service.

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