Princess Cut Diamonds: A Modern & Elegant Shape

Second only to rounds, princess cut diamonds reign among today’s brides for their contemporary beauty. With sharp corners and parallel sides, princess cuts express modern simplicity. Their brilliance rivals rounds while conveying sleek elegance. But how does princess cut moissanite compare as an affordable alternative?

Like rounds, princess cut diamonds exhibit outstanding light performance. Their pyramidal shape contains numerous chevron-shaped facets optimally reflecting light back to the eye. This gives princess cuts exceptional fire and shine. When set vertically, princesses appear luminous.

The princess square or rectangular silhouette pairs well with both classic and modern ring settings. Their geometric edges lend daring sophistication popular with younger generations. Princess cuts feel fresh and current.

Princess diamonds also create the illusion of a larger stone. Their broad surface area spreads carat weight for maximum visibility. A 1 carat princess cut appears larger face-up than a round. This allows brides to maximize size within budget.

However, princess diamonds require protective settings. Their sharp corners are prone to chipping without enough structural security. Bezels and v-prongs safeguard edges.

Similarly, princess cut moissanite diamond provides a contemporary square option. With their impressive brilliance, princess moissanites offer enormous sparkle. The square outline flatters those desiring a bold, fashion-forward shape.

For contemporary brides, princess cut diamonds and moissanites project individuality and sleek elegance rather than just romance. Their geometric beauty and light performance explain their popularity among today’s fashion-conscious yet economic brides.

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